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Warning: Mobile Apply Is Sinking Your Recruitment Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Alexander Gutin
Posted: September 09, 2015 |

We’ve previously covered why every career site needs to think about mobile. It’s a huge and quickly growing market that is on pace to outgrow desktop in 2014.

The number one shortcoming for most career sites is the lack of a mobile experience altogether. In fact, according to a study done by iMomentus, just 10% of the Fortune 500 have a mobile optimized web site for their career section. Based on our own tracking of career sites, 25% of the traffic our clients get comes from mobile. That means most of the Fortune 500 has a substandard, and in many cases, dysfunctional application process on mobile.

What should you consider as part of your mobile strategy in recruiting? Mobile apply.

The Application Process On Mobile Is Broken

Here’s what a typical application process looks like from the perspective of a candidate on his mobile phone:

  1. The candidate enters your career site on his mobile phone. You might’ve paid for this traffic from a source like Indeed, or he may have just entered from your corporate site. The candidate could’ve also entered your site from a job alert he got by email from you. Guess how most people first read their emails afterhours? That’s right, on their phone.
  2. If you’re like 90% of the Fortune 500, you don’t have a mobile optimized career site and instead the candidate sees a large, hard to navigate, and cumbersome job search.
  3. Once the candidate finds a job that’s a good match he wants to apply. Your career site asks the candidate to upload a resume and fill out dozens of fields. The applicants gets frustrated and leaves.

This is a huge opportunity lost for the company to recruit a potentially qualified candidate. Worst of all, it’s a problem that’s not addressed on the career sites of many tech companies.

The infographic below shows the candidate experience on Google’s career site. While Google has a mobile site for career (a great start), their application process is unusable from mobile.


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Courtesy of: Web Scribble

So What’s The Solution?

If this problem is so significant and pervasive, why aren’t more career sites implementing a comprehensive mobile strategy that includes mobile apply? The truth is it’s not an easy problem to solve. Mobile devices have limitations that desktops don’t. The application process must be radically redesigned and optimized to minimize dropoff for candidates on mobile. How can this be done?

1. Shorten application forms

Google’s application form is long even for a desktop candidate, but becomes completely unusable on mobile. Candidates simply won’t spend time filling out dozens of fields to apply to a single job.

Instead, career sites should ask the bare minimum they need for an application. If just a name and contact information are sufficient, don’t ask for a persons mailing address, their work history, educational background, etc.

2. Don’t ask for resume uploads, use the cloud

While Google’s form is cumbersome on mobile, what’s worse is it’s not possible to apply because the form asks to upload a resume which can’t be done on a smartphone.

The solution is to let candidates connect resume documents they already have in the cloud with their application. More and more people have documents with cloud services like Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive, and Evernote. Why not allow them to attach with a couple clicks on their phone? As a bonus, that resume could even be parsed out and pre-fill the application form with the candidate’s name and contact information o speed things up even more.

3. Let candidates attach their social profiles

LinkedIn profiles contain so much professional information that for many candidates, it’s just as good as their resume. If the candidate doesn’t have his resume stored in the cloud, LinkedIn is another good option. Facebook works well for professionals who have a complete profile as well.

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