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Should Your Company Create a Mobile Recruiting App?

By: Alexander Gutin
Posted: September 09, 2015 |

The short answer is hell yeah! If you don’t have one already, which we assume is the case since you’re peeking at our blog, we’ll outline why a little later. First let’s set the scene.

How You Could Be Doing More

As an agency or in-house recruiter you know how important it is to stay connected with your candidates. They are the lifeblood of your business. If you don’t keep a consistent stream of communication flowing their way – your pool of fresh talent will quickly dry up.

You know this already so let’s assume your working the normal channels like a pro. You’re on top of your social media status, your firms blog is regularly producing quality content, your e-mail marketing is on point and that ancient looking device gathering dust on your desk (that would be the phone) sometimes makes outgoing calls.

The problem is your candidates are quickly migrating away from these traditional channels to; you guessed it, mobile technology.

Smartphone Usage

Comscore, a provider of digital analytics, says 114 million Americans were using smartphones by mid 2012. That’s over a third of the entire US population. And we’re guessing the number of users is even higher now.

The most likely demographic to own and use a smartphone: Americans earning over $100,000 a year and aged 18-54. What does this mean?

This means it’s extremely likely that the diamond in the rough candidate you’re after is currently flicking through his smart phone apps and landing on your competitors. 

Benefits of a Mobile Recruiting App 

Now you have an understanding of the current mobile landscape within the US market. Let’s look at the benefits of mobile recruitment.

1. Immediate Communication 

Utilizing push notification technology you can literally force your jobs under a candidates nose. Whilst this method needs to be used sparingly (a barrage of new vacancies will get your app quickly deleted). It can be an extremely effective and powerful means of rapidly communicating your open positions. Perhaps a weekly update of live roles or a message to highlight your new referral scheme.

2. Location Targeting

You know the story. You’ve just put down the phone to a new client. It’s a tasty role with great commission. But the candidate has to be within a 20 mile radius of Atlanta. Or maybe your line manager has just knocked to let you know the Seattle branch of your firm is going to need 15 new hires in the next 2 months.

If your app users have location services enabled you’re in luck. Using GPS you can specifically target users local to the area you are recruiting within. Saving precious sourcing time.

3. Better User Experience

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? If you’re anything like us grabbing the phone to check e-mails, social networks etc. is going to be right up there. Your candidates are exactly the same. Their not waiting to settle in front of their desktop to check their mail. In fact they probably won’t check them at a desk top at all.

Consider the response rate improvement if the next time you e-mail a candidate asking for a resume submission or a referral. Instead of having to close their mobile, find a laptop, log on to your website or e-mail a document – they can be directed straight to your app.

Where they upload a file or input the required data. All before they get out of bed. 

4. Passive Candidates Love Mobile

The holy grail. The guy not looking for a job but his head could be turned. This candidate doesn’t want to browse online job boards or look at recruiting websites. Especially if he’s at work and there’s a chance a colleague, or worse – his boss, can catch him.

But the next time he gets a mocking glance for wearing the wrong colored tie. A quick coffee break and a browse of your app is an easy way to a new office who appreciate alternative dress sense. All within the smartphone comfort of guaranteed protection from getting rumbled.

Act Now

The recruitment landscape is changing rapidly. Whether you’re working in-house or agency side, utilize mobile wherever you can. An app is a one time cost that in relation to the time saving and revenue generating benefits it offers, is incredible value…and incredibly vital.

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