Facebook Connect for Joomla!

Speed up and increase signups to your Joomla site by adding Facebook Connect. Instead of a cumbersome registration process, users simply login using their Facebook Accounts.
What it does

Facebook Connect for Joomla!

jConnector is a free GPL extension for Joomla. Developed by Web Scribble Solutions, Inc., jConnector allows your members to sign in using Facebook Connect. Instead of using a cumbersome registration form, users can register within seconds. We also make job board software, classifieds software, social network software, and dating software.

Joomla! Module

Installation couldn't be easier. As a Joomla module, jConnector will have you up and running in minutes flat.

Login With Facebook

Getting users to register is hard. Registration forms are cumbersome and time consuming. Speed things up by letting users login with their Facebook account.

Business As Usual

Users that login through Facebook become part of your user database. This means you can administer accounts just as you did before.

More Connectors

We're working hard to make you even more connected. We plan to have connectors for OpenID and other platforms. Stay tuned!
How It Works

Facebook Connect for Joomla!

After registering through Facebook, members can simply click on the "Facebook Connect" icon the next time they come back to your site, and they'll be automatically logged back in. The integration actually adds these members to your Joomla database, so you can administer your users just like before.

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