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webNetwork is a social network software that lets you build a community. Host it on your own server or with us and always own all your data.
PHP job script

webNetwork has the social features you expect. Here are just a few.

Activity feeds tell users what's happening quickly.
PHP job board script job searching
Videos can be uploaded and played in a Flash player.

Users can upload photos and tag people in them.
Job script that lets employers post jobs

Every member gets a profile with their own page.
Recruitment software that matches jobs with employees

There are hundreds more features, see what webNetwork can do for you.

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You can start almost any kind of community. Here are a few things our customers have done.


Use our social network script for professional/business networking sites similar to LinkedIn.


Create a community site centered around music, movies, or virtually anything entertainment related.


Create a gathering place for your local community. Easily center your social network around a local city or area.


Social networks centered around a hobby are a breeze to create with our social network software.


Make a site geared towards football enthusiasts, or a support network for a fitness site where members can share progress.

See how our features make all this possible.

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Our customers can't stop raving about webNetwork. You'll love us too.

“I am so glad that I found Webscribble. It came at the right time of my business life. I find it to be easy to work with.“
Regina Wooten
“After trying other social softwares, I found WebNetwork to be the easiest to customize. The customer service was excellent and I would recommend WebNetwork to anyone that wants to build their own online community.“
Mike Harding
“Webscribble support has responded to my inquiries very rapidly with clear and definitive information. The high-quality support — in addition to their excellent, easy-to-use software is a major determining factor that puts this company on my A-List.“
Michael Leggs
“Webnetwork is a excellent social networking software as it is very like MySpace in what I can do.“
Tina Dean

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Why choose webNetwork

We've been in the trenches developing this software for years. That's years of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that you get to benefit from. We know you'll love webNetwork and here's why.

Trusted, tested, and scalable. Since 2005. For six years we've added hundreds of features, made countless improvements, and answered thousands of support requests quickly. Years of experience in this industry is what makes our social networking software unique. Don't you want an experienced software vendor in your corner?

Made in the U.S.A. Unlike many competitors, we're a New York based company. That means you can get a hold of us during regular business hours and don't have to wait overnight because of time zone differences.

Installed on your server. webNetwork is a PHP social network script, which means that it's installed on your server. Whether you host with us or someone else, we never take a cut of your sales. All the data and revenues generated by your site are yours alone.

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