Live Video Plugin

Let members view each other's pictures in real time with our Live Video plugin! Members simply need to download a Windows based application that we provide you with and have a web cam ready to stream their videos. Once online, a live video icon shows up in their profile which members can click on and watch the videos. This plugin is also tightly integrated with our Live Chat plugin.


No monthly fees

Our live video plugin doesn't require you to pay additional monthly fees, which add up to hundreds of dollars every year. Enjoy this premium feature for a low one-time fee, and never be charged again!


Restrict to paying members

The live video plugin optionally allows you to restrict the video capabilities to paying members only. This is a great way to enhance your site, and convert non-paying members to become subscribing members of your site. You can optionally allow everyone to use live video free of charge.


Windows based application

The plugin comes with a Windows based application that automatically detects the users' webcam. Simply plug in the webcam, start the software, and log in! It's that simple, and your members will be streaming in minutes.


Bandwidth control

Concerned about using too much bandwidth on your site? We've got you covered! You can restrict the fresh rate of the video, which will allow you to conserve bandwidth, while still being able to offer this great feature.