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4 Association Charity Event Ideas to Put the ‘Fun’ Back in Fundraising

Events Audra Hopkins

Meeting your revenue goals can be tough for any organization. No matter the industry you’re in, it can be a struggle to make ends meet without jacking up membership prices.

This is why fundraising is so essential for organizations out there looking to keep member costs as low as possible. You have a way to keep members happy, bring in the revenue you need to keep things moving forward, and even make brand new connections with donors and partnering businesses in your surrounding area. What’s not to love?

But traditional charity events can become boring after a while. If you’re tired of hosting the same type of event for members and supporters, you probably aren’t alone- and you never want those donating to become uninterested in the events you put on in their favor.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few ways to bring the fun and excitement back to your association’s charity events.

So, if you’re an association that’s looking to ditch old habits and bring some life back into the way you fundraise, you’re in luck. Keep reading on for 4 unique and exciting association charity events that you can try on for size at your own organization.

1. A friendly game of golf

With the warmer weather rolling around, who wouldn’t want to get outside and have some time in the sunshine for a good cause? And with golf being such an easy game to participate in, it’s the perfect event for any association no matter their target audience.

Hosting a golf tournament is a popular option for many associations and organizations- and there’s a reason for it. Besides it being a fun way to spend time with your members and donors and get outside, it also really works in terms of fundraising and bringing in a lot of revenue for your association.

You can encourage interested businesses or supporters to sponsor a hole, a great way to include those who want to donate without getting in on the sport. You can also offer services for rent to increase revenue, like caddying, golf carts, and more. Golf is the fundraising event that turns into a fun day for all involved!

2. A dessert bar

This one is a given- who doesn’t love dessert? And with dessert bars becoming all the craze lately, it’s an easy way to host a charity event that has an element of class and an element of comfort.

What is a dessert bar? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. A bar that typically hosts dessert wines and cocktails alongside cakes, cookies, pies, and anything else you can imagine. Dessert bars are great for any occasion, so why not incorporate them into the way you fundraise?

You can either look into dessert bars in your association’s area to host your charity event, or you can host one of your own. Working with local bakeries and wineries, you can come up with a charity event that’s as sweet as it sounds.

Invite members to join you for a night of wine and great desserts. You can even include raffles and prizes to amp up the revenue earning opportunities. And who wouldn’t love to leave with a happy stomach and a great prize?

3. An indoor cycling session

With places like Soul Cycle causing quite the uproar in the fitness community, it could be smart depending on your association’s industry to host an indoor cycling night for interested members and sponsors.

Hosting an indoor cycling session is a way to get members active, engage with them on a brand new level, and bring awareness to putting their money towards a good cause. And best of all, they’re getting a great work out from this experience. They’ll walk away feeling refreshed and great about the donation they made, which will hopefully encourage them to attend more charity events for your association in the future.

Again, this is a great event to partner with a local gym in your association’s community. Community support is great for organizations to showcase to members. After all, you want those supporting you to know you also support the area around you.

If cycling doesn’t appeal to your association, you can swap out this exercise activity for something that better fits your pace (i.e. yoga, meditation, crossfit, etc).

4. A trivia night

And last, but certainly not least, your association can bring everyone together for a fun trivia night with great prizes.

Trivia nights are regularly hosted at bars and restaurants all over the place, and it’s for a great reason- because they’re fun! And on top of the fun factor, they’re also incredibly easy to host and organize, great for associations of any size with any budget.

Consider hosting themed trivia nights sponsored by local businesses and invite members and supporters to come out and join you. Advertise a prize to the winning team- it could be association merch, discounts on events, free workshops, or anything else you think members will enjoy.

Don’t let your charity events become mundane. Using these 4 ideas, and any other ideas that you brainstorm from this list, you can make charity events a fun time for all involved!

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