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4 Basic Essentials for Every Association’s Event Registration

Events Audra Hopkins

Want to get event attendees on their way to enjoying what you’ve put together for them? Then you’ll want a quick and easy registration process that requires no hassle from either party.

While event registration should be taken seriously and handled with care, it shouldn’t have to be a convoluted process. In fact, you want your event registration process to be anything but. Attendees should be able to enter their information, follow the easy to understand prompts, and be on their way to the event your association has planned just for them.

For any association trying to restrategize the way it does event registration, there are some essential tips you’ll want to use in the process. We’ve compiled 4 basic things every event registration form or setup should offer those looking to attend. Keep reading on, assess your own registration process, and see what positive changes could be made!

1. Easy to find

To start, your event registration form should always be easy to find on your association’s website. You don’t want interested individuals going on a scavenger hunt to attend an event. Keep things simple, and keep your event registration process in plain sight.

One great way to do this is to provide a direct link to your event registration form or process right on the front of your website. Especially if your event has just been announced or is quickly approaching, chances are many website visitors will be on your pages searching for ways to get registered to attend.

If your registration process is a bit more than just filling out a form, you’ll want to keep a link directing individuals to your event process rules or steps. This can be done in the same fashion, and will clearly outline what they need to do in order to register.

2. Ask for contact information

Not only do you want attendees to include important information like their name and address to send them event mail, you also want to be sure you have a way to contact them before, during, and after the event.

So many different things can come up when event planning for a larger organization. You may have guest speaker cancellations, rain dates, a change of venue, or general updates that you want to keep attendees notified on. By retrieving their contact information in the registration process, you cut out a lot of miscommunication and get a direct line to keep them informed on any changes and updates before and during the event.

You also have a way to receive feedback from them once the event is over. We all know how valuable attendee feedback is in terms of event growth and satisfaction, so you’ll want to use your registration form as a precursor to send out event surveys that attendees will actually receive.

3. Offer travel accommodations

Are you hosting an event in an unusual spot or in a larger city? If you really want to go the extra mile for your members, you may want to give travel and lodging suggestions they can use.

Including travel accommodations and recommendations on where event attendees can stay for out of town, larger events can help take event registration to a whole new playing field. Not only are you providing an easy registration process that any attendee can figure out, you’re also giving them tips on how to make travelling easy.

Research the top lodging, food, and experience options in the city or town your association is hosting its event. You can even consider teaming up with different businesses or lodging options to offer event attendees a discount on their stay. Doing this can add an extra touch of care and hospitality and keep attendees happy.

4. Provide mobile/instant check-in

Checking for an event should be a multiple step process. Providing a one-click check in on either desktop or mobile devices can help move things along for event attendees while also keeping the check-in process organized for your staff.

You can provide mobile check-in on your association’s event app, if you have one that is. If not, you can send attendees an email with a link they can view both on desktop and mobile devices. This way, attendees have multiple ways to check-in that work for your association as well.

While providing this option for instant check-in is essential, you should also always have a check-in station at your event for those attendees that missed the memo. This way, no one gets frustrated should they have not checked in or have a question about their check-in process.

Event registration can be made easy with the right steps taken. Take our advice and see how you can provide a better way to get events rolling for your association’s members.

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