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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content for Your Association

Marketing Audra Hopkins

Content marketing is one of the best strategies your association can adopt for attracting and engaging members. But could you be creating content that isn’t hitting home with audiences?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the majority of B2B marketers are keen on increasing their content production and distribution in the future. In fact, a surprising 85% surveyed claim they’d like to create content that is both better in quality and efficiency. It’s clear that content works well when it comes to marketing.

And while your association may want to get into the world of content marketing, or maybe you’ve already created some great content, this doesn’t mean you’re immune to making some serious content creation mistakes.

The truth is, content marketing and creation is tricky to get right on your own. You want to be sure the content you’re producing is attracting audiences, engaging them with valuable information, and driving home your association’s call to action.

Let’s talk about 4 mistakes your association can actively avoid when creating content for members. By knowing what to look out for, you can create content that is higher quality and that attracts and engages members more efficiently.

1. Overcrowding your content

You want to give your members as much information as you possibly can, but trying to cram that much value into one content piece can overcrowd the content you’re trying to create.

When it comes to giving content to members, you want to make sure the pieces you create are cohesive and focused. By trying to fit too much information into one article of content, you may just end up making something that is broad and confusing. You may feel that creating larger content pieces with multiple ideas saves you time and increases engagement, but it may actually drive your traffic away.

So, instead of lengthier, jam packed content, consider making shorter content pieces that are better focused and highly comprehensive on one topic. This way, you make sure your content is easy to navigate and digest.

Creating shorter content also allows you to put out more content. If you spread your content out and disperse your information, you’ll increase quantity and quality of content at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

2. Your content is too factual

While providing your members with the latest industry information and updates is great, you want to make sure your content also maintains an entertainment factor as well.

Great content should be informative and interesting at the same time. By focusing too much on providing fact-based evidence and information, you may be cutting back on all of the things that make content interesting and easily digestible. Education is great, but it should also be balanced out with emotion and colorful dialogue.

When writing content, be sure to tell a story to members. Convey emotions, provide anecdotes, and invest yourself in what you’re writing about. Make audiences just as interested in what you’re creating as you are, and you’ll be sure to have their attention in future content pieces as well.

3. You’re writing off-topic content

You may think that the more content you produce, the better your chances are of attracting a higher amount of web traffic. However, what you’re actually doing is attracting web traffic that doesn’t fit within your target audience.

Straying from your researched target keywords and the topics your members are interested in will only attract new audiences who aren’t interested in becoming members. Chances are, your association works hard to create member personas and research the best way to reach members. If you ignore that research in order to create more content, you’re only running in circles.

Instead, be sure all of your content is on-brand, has a message members will be interested in, and will attract new individuals that are within your target audience. You can do this by sticking to keywords that your members use on search engines, as well as checking out what your competition is writing and creating videos about.

4. You aren’t promoting your content

Once your content is created and ready to publish, you can’t expect members to find it on their own.

While creating amazing content is great, it’s only half of the work in terms of engagement. You need to make sure your content is being pushed out to members, subscribers, and web traffic. And luckily for your association, there are a variety of ways to make content promotion simple.

For example, you can send out an email alert when new content goes live on your association’s website. Put together an email that lets members know what new pieces of information they can find wherever your association hosts content. Or, you can include new content pieces within your association’s newsletter.

Content promotion is a key part of the content creation process, so finish your content off strong with a great promotion strategy.


Don’t make these 4 mistakes with your association’s content. Use our tips, and your association can create better content that your members will love and engage with.

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