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4 New Ideas to Bring to Your Association’s Next Recruitment Event

Membership Audra Hopkins

Recruiting new members to your association should be a fun and exciting time for everyone involved. So, why not reflect that in the recruitment events you hold?

Holding an event for member recruitment can have lasting effects on the way you build your association’s membership. Building up connections with individuals is always better done in person, and if you can get all of your recruits together to engage with them, you’ll be off to a great start. But in order to do so, you might need some new ideas up your sleeve.

Most likely, your association hosts a lot of events. From annual events, to networking opportunities for members, and maybe even events that are just for fun! But if you aren’t considering the advantages to hosting fresh, exciting recruitment events, you should.

That’s why we’d like to show you how easy it is to host a member recruitment event of your own. We’re giving you 4 new ideas you can try to incorporate into your event to get things going with potential new members and really seal the deal in terms of member acquisition. We’re giving ideas for every association, no matter the industry or bandwidth, so keeping reading on if you’d like to learn more.

1. Meet-and-greet

Want a light-hearted and low pressure way to meet your potential new members? Try something short and sweet, like a meet-and-greet style event.

You can think of this as similar to a career fair for your association. This way, attendees can come in, see what they want, and leave when they feel the time is right. After all, you want individuals to come because they’re interest is piqued, but not feel overwhelmed by everything going on at once.

With this type of event, you should always have name tags available at the door. Not only is this great for your association to learn names and get closer to your target audience, but it also allows them to network with one another. If you can get your audience to mingle and make connections, it may help you acquire multiple members over their shared interest in your organization.

This type of event is the equivalent of a quick handshake and a foot in the door with your members. From this, you can then approach them via phone call and email and have a warmer response in the future.

2. Minute meetings

This is a bit similar to the first event idea in the fact that it’s short and to the point, but it does allow you to get a bit deeper with your audience in order to learn more about their wants and needs in an organization.

“Minute meeting” is a term we use to describe the interaction your association will have with recruits. You have a minute to learn more about your recruits, as well as teach them more about you and your association’s perks in the same minute. This way, individuals are getting a small taste of what they can expect, and they can learn more after they leave the event by following up with your association.

You can also invite some of your members to this event and have them interact with recruits. Some recruits may find interacting with current members is a better way to really get insight into life with your association. This also gives them a contact to reach out to if they consider becoming a member in the future- doubling as both a recruitment tactic and a member engagement trick!

3. Ice cream social

Want to add a little bit of a fun incentive into your recruitment event? Invite them to an event with something sweet in mind.

While your association can really use any type of sweet treat or even food to bring recruits out to your event, an ice cream social for recruiting is an innovative take on a classic we all know and love. Putting on a fun and light event takes the pressure off of attendees and gives them something as a token of your gratitude and kindness.

Again, this is a great event to invite your members to as well. Think of this as a chance for everyone to network over a common shared activity (and who doesn’t love eating ice cream). You can set up different stations and have members sit at tables with recruits to mix things up and get everyone talking.

4. City wide clean up

And finally, for those recruits who love the active influence your association has on the community, you can host a city wide clean up event to get everyone on the same page and really make a positive change for the environment around you.

Volunteerism is a large part of your association. And for those recruits who love the idea of volunteering and want to learn more about how being a member can work for them, a clean up event is perfect. They’ll get out into the community, do their part and fill that activism need, and get to do so while working closely with your association.

If you want a twist on this idea, you can also host a different type of volunteer event that doubles as a recruitment event. Some examples are: a food and clothing drive for local homeless shelters, a fun car wash to raise money for a local cause, a bake sale with donated proceeds, or anything else you’d like! The opportunities are endless, so try something new!

Recruitment events can be easy and effective with a fun idea driving the ship. Consider hosting one of your own and your association could see an increase in member recruitment and acquisition in no time.

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