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3 Benefits of Integrating Your Job Board and AMS

Technology Lindsay Rutz

Data collected and stored in your association management system (AMS) based on your users’ interactions is critical information used to make informed decisions that drives engagement and revenue. One integration that will be a key component to improving engagement and revenue is your career center.

Your career center provides you with lots of valuable information that can help you make decisions that deliver results your association needs to grow. But, you have to have the proper integrations and reports to understand the data retrieved from your job board. Integrating your job board with your AMS has many benefits, but here are our top three.

1. Engage New Member Prospects

When a non-member creates an account on your career center, they are added to your AMS and a profile is created for them. The career center technology is able to collect engagement data based on different touch points through the career center and that information is then passed back to your AMS. You can use this information to drive membership by triggering marketing automation campaigns to share the benefits of becoming a member like exclusive career fairs and resume critiques. 

Your job board also allows you to track engagement rates within those automated campaigns. It can track how many emails someone has received, how many they’ve opened and the click-through rate on links attached in your emails.

2. Personalize Marketing Campaigns

The data gathered from both your AMS and job board gives you detailed information that is helpful when creating marketing campaigns. Your members already receive a lot of emails from your association, so you want to make sure the promotional ones you send resonate with their interests so they’ll continue to engage with your career center. 

For instance, not every member using your career center is actively searching for a job, but might be looking to advance in their career when given the opportunity. You can then promote courses and certifications you offer or resume critiquing services that will prompt them to begin job searching for advancement opportunities.

3. New Opportunities for Revenue

Your job board learns a lot about your members and job seekers that you may not know. It knows information like who is actively job searching, the types of jobs they’re looking for, who their current employer is, and their education level. All of this data is then passed back to your AMS for you to analyze and see what revenue opportunities could come from it. 

For example, if a majority of your users are actively searching for jobs, you can set up a virtual career fair to help connect them to employers while earning revenue from registrations (both attendee and employer). To drive additional revenue, create a digital recruitment guide where employers can purchase advertising space to generate interest in their open positions. This will drive traffic back to your career center and increase engagement.

Integrating your AMS and job board will help your association leaders make informed decisions for membership recruiting and marketing and revenue opportunities that enable your association to grow. As they communicate and work together, you can create member and user experiences that will drive engagement and revenue for years to come. 

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