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4 Social Media Tips to Improve Career Center Engagement

Engagement, Marketing Lindsay Rutz

The powerful, plus instant and easy nature of social media marketing is what makes it such an attractive tactic to any type of organization or business – giving you the ability to reach thousands of people in just seconds and influence their decisions.

Marketing your career center requires you to think outside the box to develop personalized, visually appealing posts that resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach. Your main focus is on engaging job seekers and employers, so you’ll want to consider creating content for both audiences. 

If your association doesn’t already have a social media strategy in place or you don’t know where to begin making improvements on what you’ve already started, this article will be a great resource to get you started. 

Here are our top 4 social media tips to improve career center engagement.

1. Promote Your Career Center Regularly

When developing your social media plan, block off calendar space that is dedicated to promoting your career center on a regular basis. Evaluate all the social media channels your association has, and determine which ones have the strongest following and highest engagement rates. Promoting your career center on your strongest platforms will yield the best results. 

In terms of post frequency, you’ll want to consider posting at least once a week or a few times a month – depending on your other marketing channels and staff time. To save your staff time on posting regularly, use a social media management platform like Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance. Once a post is scheduled for a specific day and time, Hootsuite’s technology automatically sends the post to your social channels so you don’t have to! 

Continuously reminding followers of your career center is essential to improving engagement and awareness. You can even gain free marketing opportunities when your followers and members share your posts or mention how much they’ve benefited from using your career center!

2. Promote Specific Jobs

Since you are marketing a career center, it can be valuable to promote specific jobs, capturing the attention of job seekers to give them a taste of the types of opportunities you offer. Consider promoting one to two jobs per month to engage your audience that is mainly focused on job searching. You might even consider offering social media promotion as an additional paid option to offer job posters.

Now, you might be wondering which jobs should you post. That depends on your industry and types of jobs your audience is most interested in. Generally, promote the jobs that have historically been most desirable to your users. Whether it’s the title, position level, company or salary that attracts your users, try promoting different ones on your social media channels to draw in other job seekers that would also be interested in these positions. If your association uses Facebook, you can also create a Facebook Jobs section that ultimately directs users back to your career center to improve engagement further.

3. Use Relevant Messaging Towards Audiences

Crafting relevant messaging on your social media posts is essential to creating content that engages viewers. Clearly identify the benefits they’ll receive from using your career center so they are influenced to check it out on the spot. With only a few seconds to make an impression and drive action, leave little room for second guessing the value your career center holds. 

When promoting specifically to job seekers, highlight the benefits of your career center beyond job posts to widen your reach. Include benefits like job alert emails, resume review and critique sessions, and other career resources job seekers find important to their career development. Follow the same direction for employer targeted promotions – promote resume database access, resume alert emails, Spotlight Company recognition, and any other benefits you offer to employers. 

A bonus tip for creating relevant messaging is to include hashtags on posts to reach a larger audience. It can be anything as simple as “#recruiting” or “#hiring”, or narrow down the audience with industry specific hashtags like “#techcareers”.

4. Include Graphics or Images

Social posts that include images or graphics produce 650% higher engagement than text only posts, so it’s clear how important visuals are in social media marketing. When creating your graphics or images, include a call-to-action (CTA) button or statement that prompts them to visit your career center. It can say anything from “Take Me There” to “Visit Our Career Center”, or anything else that fits with your association’s marketing guidelines. 

Your graphics should also reflect the job seeker or employer benefit you are highlighting. For instance, if your messaging includes content about resume reviews, include an image that is related to updating or creating a resume that is visually appealing and will draw attention to your post. When both the image and messaging align, you have a fool-proof plan to improve your career center engagement.

Refreshing and updating your social media strategy is an important detail to keep in mind for continuous career center engagement. No marketing initiative is a one and done deal since there are always job seekers and employers on the hunt for recruiting and hiring assistance. If you ever feel stuck, reach out to your job board vendor for suggestions or help creating the materials you need for a successful social media strategy to improve career center engagement!

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