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Clowder Q&A With Web Scribble

Membership Lindsay Rutz

After announcing a new partnership with Clowder, Web Scribble’s Director of Marketing, Dawn DiLorenzo sat down with Katie Argueta of Clowder to discuss our new partnership, job boards, job accessibility after the outbreak of COVID-19 and its related effects on the employment rate.

The recent partnership formed between Web Scribble and Clowder is a win-win for everyone involved – both companies, associations, members and employers. With combined knowledge of the industry, the Web Scribble and Clowder relationship can help create efficiencies and benefits for all customers that might have been more challenging otherwise. For example, cross-platform traffic can be increased since Web Scribble job ads are now available for posting in the Clowder app, which creates a seamless and easy interaction with both platforms

During the Q&A, Dawn shares the value Web Scribble brings to associations through online career centers, as well as the launch of two new career-focused products – Career Paths and Career Fairs – and details how these products work, what their benefits to associations and members are, how these products generate revenue and other support services Web Scribble offers. 

To close out the Q&A, Dawn discusses the state of the recruitment industry and how Web Scribble can support associations, job seekers and employers during these unprecedented times. For more information about the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy, you can view the replay of our webinar, The Impact of COVID-19 on the Recruitment Industry: Current Analysis and Future Opportunities.

You can read the full Q&A on Clowder’s website.

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