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DMEC Upgrades Job Board Technology to Increase Revenue and Engagement on the DMEC Career Center

Your career center is a valuable resource for your members to find relevant job opportunities as well as information on career development and can be a powerful source of non-dues revenue for your association. Since it’s such a valuable tool, having up-to-date and advanced career center technology will help you improve your member engagement, satisfaction and loyalty that translates into increased non-dues revenue.

If you’re wondering what upgrades you should make to your career center, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does my career center look and function as an extension of my associations website?
  2. Does my career center integrate with my AMS to offer single sign on (SSO) to members?
  3. Is my job board vendor offering consistent product updates or new products to help meet the goals of my association?

If your career center doesn’t offer these kinds of upgrades, you might be in the same position as current Web Scribble customer, the Disability Management Employer Coalition, before they made improvements to their career center. In this customer success story, you’ll learn how DMEC and Web Scribble worked together to improve not only the DMEC Career Center, but also their sales and marketing strategy that resulted in a 58% increase in job seeker registrations and a 128% increase in revenue during Q1 of 2020 – their first full quarter live with Web Scribble.

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