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Social Media Marketing Trends to Test in 2021

December 14th, 2020
Engagement, Marketing, Membership

Want your association to stay ahead of the social media game when marketing your to your members? Here are the biggest social media marketing trends predicted for 2021 and beyond.

2 Effective Website Integrations That Drive Traffic to Your Career Center

July 7th, 2020
Engagement, Marketing
Lindsay Rutz Engagement, Marketing

Directing traffic to your career center from your website is one of the most effective marketing tactics associations can implement to increase awareness and improve engagement. Since many members and non-members regularly visit your website for information updates, it’s an easy way to let them know you offer this service without overwhelming them through email blasts and social media posts.

7 KPIs Every Association Should Use to Measure Success

June 30th, 2020
Engagement, Membership
Lindsay Rutz Engagement, Membership

To fully understand how well your association’s efforts and strategies are working, there are several key performance indicators (KPIs) that every association should consider assessing. These metrics will help you determine not only your success, but also what areas need improvements, how well your marketing initiatives are performing, and other career resources you should offer (or improve) for your member base.

4 Social Media Tips to Improve Career Center Engagement

June 23rd, 2020
Engagement, Marketing
Lindsay Rutz Engagement, Marketing

The powerful, plus instant and easy nature of social media marketing is what makes it such an attractive tactic to any type of organization or business – giving you the ability to reach thousands of people in just seconds and influence their decisions.

5 Ways to Improve Webinar Engagement

June 2nd, 2020
Lindsay Rutz Engagement

Webinars are an easy way to effectively present important information and content to interested audiences. They are flexible, convenient and a cheap form of communication that makes it the perfect tool for associations who want to offer more information to members. 

Webinar Recap: Drive Member Engagement & Revenue by Marketing Your Career Center (post COVID-19)

May 27th, 2020
Engagement, Non-Dues Revenue

Your career center is your most valuable member resource. It provides members the opportunity to begin their careers or find the next step in their growing career path.

Protech + Web Scribble Webinar: The Expert’s Guide to Growing Member Engagement and Revenue With an Online Career Center

May 22nd, 2020
Engagement, Non-Dues Revenue

As association members try to navigate through this uncertain time, they look to and rely heavily on your association to provide the necessary resources and support needed to succeed. Most importantly, they’re looking for a member benefit that connects them to employers with open positions that fits their criteria and qualifications.

National Council for Behavioral Health Increased Platform Usage and Non-Dues Revenue with Web Scribble

For any successful business to thrive, you need to have strategic partners with the same goals in mind. This could be anyone from a marketing consultant to a product vendor – but either way, you’ll need to be on the same page in order to succeed.

Americans for the Arts Increases Non-Dues Revenue with Web Scribble Job Board Software

The two main goals for associations are to engage members with relevant career development resources and increase non-dues revenue. However, it can be difficult to do both simultaneously.

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