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Can Smartsourcing Work in Your Association’s Favor? Why We Say Yes

Audra Hopkins

Finding the right talent for your association can be tricky. You want to build a team of all stars that can achieve your wildest dreams and keep members coming back for more. But with such high expectations, you’ll need the right plan to make it all happen.

Many larger associations have found profit and value in the world of outsourcing- finding talent abroad or in other companies in order to reduce cost and increase impact. Outsourcing can be great for associations with large goals, and it allows you to build your team from the outside without being weighed down by finding good talent in your area. It’s the best of both worlds- that is, before smartsourcing came around.

Similar and yet so very different to outsourcing, smartsourcing is a new way to hire talent for your association to get things accomplished. But if you aren’t sure what it is, you won’t know what you’re missing out on in terms of building the perfect team.

Let’s take some time to learn more about smartsourcing, how it betters from its outsourcing roots, and how it could work wonders for your association.

Smartsourcing: What is it?

Smartsourcing takes outsourcing to the next level. While outsourcing is an extension of smartsourcing, it doesn’t really focus on making things more efficient for the company or organization. But with smartsourcing, you’re freeing up your association’s time and resources to better focus on core values and competencies.

Smartsourcing doesn’t just focus on tangible profit, it also takes into consideration things like time, effort, and quality. While these things don’t have quantitative measurements, they still are things that should be taken into consideration. If smartsourcing allows you to save time and effort to be put into other areas of your association, it may be worth it to spend the money and fit it into your budget.

Smartsourcing can also amp up the efficiency of your association, which is something members can and will definitely notice. While outsourcing focus on commodities, smartsourcing brings an extra dimension by including efficiency. With a better method of running projects and tasks at your association, members will see easier and smoother functions and more attention being put on their needs.

Smartsourcing is the enhancement of hiring out of house by partnering with third parties who can make things happen. So, let’s talk about a few places your association should consider smartsourcing.


If you’re an association that keeps its content in-house, you know how time consuming it can be. You want to have amazing content that drives up web traffic and member engagement, but you may not have the staff or resources internally to get things done.

This is where smartsourcing can be better than keeping things in-house. Hiring a third-party content service or a freelance content writer is a cost effective option when considering the time you’re saving your staff. This is also great for associations who don’t have a large marketing team to rely on for their content needs.

There are tons of content experts out there who can produce top tier quality content in many different forms, from blog posts to videos and more. You can find a content writer within your budget to make things more efficient for your association’s member engagement strategy.

Customer support

Having a large membership base is amazing, but managing issues and troubleshooting to make sure they all stay satisfied is exhausting and nearly impossible without external help.

Smartsourcing a customer support team can help provide you with 24/7 support for members. This way, you’re ensured that members are getting the help they need with whatever concerns they have on their schedule and at their convenience.

You can look into a third party company that provides customer service software that can be installed right onto your existing web platform. This way, you have a service that is consistently monitored and managed by a team, saying goodbye to the frustration of answering countless member emails.

Information Technology

Need a full fledged team to handle IT support for your organization? Smartsourcing has you covered.

Similar to customer support, building an external IT team can really help you steer things in a better direction without doing much work at all. You can be sure all of your software and technology is running at its best at any time of the day, and any bugs or outages can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Again, there are a few options for smartsourcing IT help. You can form a team of freelancers or find a third party service with an already developed team of experts. No matter what you decide to do, be sure you measure the efficiency, cost, and value of each option.

Take outsourcing to entirely new heights by knowing and using smartsourcing to your association’s own advantage.

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