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How to Make Association New Member Renewal Easier: 3 Simple Steps

Membership Audra Hopkins

Attracting new members to your association is great, but how can you make sure they renew after the first year?

For many associations out there, member renewal is quite the struggle. In fact, many associations claim new member renewal rates are one of the biggest roadblocks they face. So, what is the best way to show new members that your organization is worth sticking around for?

Retaining your new members after the first year is a vital step to keeping them around for the long haul. You want to be sure that new members know what to do when it comes time to renew- and that the renewal process is as quick and easy as they expect it to be.

That’s why today’s episode of #WebScribbleWednesday is all about making the member renewal process a breeze- not just for your new members, but for anyone looking to renew. We’re going to give you 3 different tactics you can use to boost your association’s new member renewal rates. We’ll talk about how member loyalty programs and benefit matching can keep your new members renewing, as well as how to make the renewal process easier when new members need to renew. 

With our tips, you should be able to increase your member retention and keep new members satisfied long after their first year with you. So, take a dive into our latest video and enjoy this week’s #WebScribbleWednesday: How to Make Association New Member Renewal Easier.

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We’ll see you next time for another episode of #WebScribbleWednesday. 

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