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How Wellness Events could Boost Your Association’s Attendance Rates

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With trends always changing, your association needs to figure out exactly what members are looking for in events in order to drive up attendance rates.

Events and conferences should be an exciting time for your association’s members. They should be eagerly awaiting to see what you’re planning for them, but if events aren’t hitting the mark in terms of what’s trending, you may lose the interest of your members. That being said, you need to make sure your events stay up to date with current times- and for that, let’s talk a little bit about health and wellness.

Health and wellness seem to at the forefront of everyone’s priorities these days. In fact, The Global Wellness Institute estimates that the wellness tourism industry has flourished into a $639 billion market in 2017, with rates only looking to increase as time goes on. From nutrition, exercise and everything in between, it seems that consumers and audiences are looking to learn more about health and wellness any way they can- and that includes your association’s events.

Learning more about how you can create an event centered around wellness could be in your association’s best interest if you want to attract more event attendees. So, if this is something you’re interested in, keep reading on and see how you can create a wellness event that members will want to attend!

Wellness tourism: What does it mean

You may understand what both “wellness” and “tourism” are separately, but what does it mean when the two are put together into a phrase that’s catching the eye of many people all over?

Wellness tourism relates back to a new desire for those looking for a new experience to incorporate some aspect of health and wellness into their time. Whether that’s a yoga class, learning about cooking healthy meals, taking a workshop on the importance of vitamins, or whatever else that may be.

Unsurprisingly enough, wellness tourism is seeing quite the increase in interest lately. Audiences are looking for better, fun ways to keep their healthy activities up. Wellness experiences are popping up in a lot of unexpected places, from airports, hotels, cruises, and practically anywhere that attracts an audience.

In fact, the ever so popular space rental company Airbnb is experiencing an upward trend of bookings centered around health and wellness experiences. And if they can benefit from this pique of wellness interest, your association can too.

How you can cash in

Seeing now that the health and wellness trends can provide serious payoff for those who cash in on them, it’s time to develop a strategy on how your association can create an event and/or conference using tips from the wellness tourism industry.

Think about the normal structure of one of your association’s events. It may include guest speakers, workshops, networking activities, and much more. But what if you could include wellness activities, speeches about health practices, and opportunities for your attendees to gain a better sense of a healthy self.

While it may sound difficult to pull off, it doesn’t have to be. We’d like to give you a few tips on bringing wellness to your events that your association can try on for size.

1. Incorporate fun exercise sessions into events

Want a way to get members off of their feet and actively participating at your events? Consider bringing in a professional expert to host a class of your choosing.

With fun and easy exercise classes coming into trend like yoga, cycling, and even meditation, your association can do its research and hire an expert to come in and teach a class during your event. This is a great way to promote wellness while also adding extra value to your event. If members see that they could be getting a positive physical experience while also having fun and gaining professional insights, they may be more enticed to attend.

Like we said, there are many options of exercise courses for you to choose from. It may be best to survey your membership and see what types of classes they may be interested in. You can also use member data to make a more informed decision (for example, and older generation of members may not be as into goat yoga as your millennial members are).

2. Invite wellness sponsors on board

Looking for another way to incorporate wellness that doesn’t involve getting physical? Choosing sponsors and brands that are well versed in health and wellness can do the trick.

Your association’s events are most likely sponsored by some pretty great brands, and in return those brands have the chance to advertise and even maybe set up a booth at your event. So, adding in health and wellness oriented brands can have the same impact, and give you all of the sponsor funds that your normal sponsorships provide too.

Checking out brands and companies that both align with your association’s values and can have a positive impact on your members’ health is a great way to market wellness to event attendees. It’s also a great way to bring in local wellness companies and give support to your community in the process if you’re looking to do so.

Do your research and get in contact with wellness brands in order to bring them into your events and increase interest from members looking to learn more about wellness.

3. Speeches on health and wellness

And finally, we’d like to talk about the possibility of inviting health and wellness based guest speakers to host a speech at your event.

This is another way to get your event attendees interested in attending. By inviting on a health and wellness expert to give industry advice, you’re giving members the option to learn more on how to positively impact their own health by attending your event. It’s an interesting and unique add on to any association event or conference, so don’t knock it until you try it!

Don’t let the ever growing health trend slip through your association’s fingers. Consider creating a health and wellness based event today and see how your event attendance (and non-dues revenue) can increase in the near future.

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