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Improve your Association’s Member Relations Using These 3 Tips

Membership Audra Hopkins

When was the last time you checked in on your association’s relationship with its members? If it’s been quite a while, it might be time to get your member relations back on track.

The relationship your association has with its members can make or break a lot of important metrics for your organization including member retention, satisfaction, and much more. The work you put into onboarding new members will be lost if you can’t keep those members content with what you offer them and how you treat them over time.

So, if you want to improve the connection you have with your members, you’re going to need a plan.

With our help, your association can get new ideas on how to bring your member relations to new levels and create a more hospitable environment in general. There are a variety of ways to make sure your members feel taken care of and appreciated, so don’t let your association go without trying a few of these tips out for yourself.

1. Assign member relation roles

Want to make sure member relations becomes a top priority for your association? Delegate relation improving tasks and assign staff members to making it happen.

Appointing a staff member to be in charge of monitoring member relations will allow you to place accountability on the table when taking care of your members. With a trusted member of your team steering the ship, you can be sure that relationship building tasks will be taken seriously and be carried into fruition.

If your association has the bandwidth, consider choosing someone from your membership team to take on the role of member relations ambassador. This person will speak directly to and for your members, making sure their concerns get addressed and their voices are heard by the top executives at your organization.

If you’re an association that has a smaller staff and therefore less energy to spread in other departments, you may want to gather your entire team together in order to evenly distribute the workload. If you all work as a cohesive unit, taking care of member relationships will be easier than you may think.

Having a member relations ambassador can help you make sure your members needs are accounted for.

2. Give members what they came for

Want an easy way to get closer to your members? Provide them with the industry tips, hacks, and secrets they’re looking for.

Members want to be sure that the organization they’re investing their time and money into is paying off in the long run. If you want to nurture a healthier relationship with members, you’ll want them to feel like they’re getting only the best and most exclusive inside information from you that can help them further grow their career and life paths.

While sharing updates about your association’s ongoings is great, including new industry updates and facts that will make your members’ lives easier, you’ll be sure to generate not only a better engagement rate, but a better satisfaction rate in the process.

You can include this industry knowledge in whatever content you give members. Whether it’s inside a newsletter, enveloped in content you produce, or in the events and workshops you host, members should always feel like they’re getting the bang for their buck that they’re looking for.

3. Make master lists of resources and lend help when needed

Your relationship with members may be askew because members don’t feel that they have a way to ask for help or assistance when they need it. To combat this, you can set up resources before they even have a chance to need help.

Compiling and curating a master list of helpful tools, websites, and resources for members is a great way to give them a myriad of options in order to troubleshoot any problem they may be having. This goes hand in hand with giving members the industry information they need in order to succeed, but can also help them in other areas such as navigating your association’s benefits, attending events, and much more.

Having multiple lists for different categories of resources can help provide only the best for members. You can break your lists up based on industry specializations, areas of expertise, or struggles and problems your members may have. For example, are your members having trouble moving up in their career? Consider making a masterlist of educational and professional resources that those looking for it can refer back to.

Improving member relations is simple with these 3 easy tips. Incorporate one, two, or even all of these tips into your current member satisfaction strategy and see how you can grow closer to your members.

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