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Looking to Attract Younger Members? 3 Easy Things You Can Try

Membership Audra Hopkins

Bringing in younger members to your association requires a certain style and flare- and you can do more than just incorporating educational opportunities into your benefits to achieve this.

When it comes to making your association all about attracting those Millennial and Generation Z individuals, it comes down to providing the things they find attractive and valuable. This can come in many different forms- not just benefits like many organizations focus all of their attention on.

So, what else can your association bring to the table? What can you do to amp up the way you attract younger members?

If you want to expand your younger membership, but aren’t sure where to start, we have a few fun tips that can get you on the right track. Sit back and enjoy as we show you 3 easy things to try out at your association that could bring in a higher presence of interested Millennial and Gen Z audience members.

Sit back and be casual

When younger individuals look for an organization to join, they aren’t necessarily looking to walk into a stuffy, strict environment.

While some people may look for that high sense of professionalism, others may just want a place where they feel comfortable. For your younger members, they may want things to feel like home to them- so don’t underestimate how a casual environment can feel more inviting to younger individuals.

Having a more laid back environment is just moving into the modern age. After all, a 2018 Society for Human Resource Management report stated that half of all organizations out there have a casual dress code for the office. More and more companies are moving towards a more natural style of working- from working remotely, to paying for coworking space passes, and much more. If you want to keep up with the way things are shifting, you’ll want to keep up with this casual style of working.

When hosting events and workshops for potential new members, be sure that your association’s staff takes a more laid-back approach to things. Consider hosting a “casual” meeting and invite your younger audience in to join. Talk to them more like a human and less like a professional, but provide them with the resources they’d like to achieve more professional success.

Flexible hours of operation

Want to make sure your association is fulfilling the communication needs of your younger audiences? Create a flexible schedule to do so.

Let’s face it, the younger crowd of people is used to getting everything instantly. They can order something one day and have it show up at their door the next. And they expect that instantaneous service to carry over into the organizations and businesses they support- which includes your association.

In order to keep up with this demand, you may want to establish some sort of 24/7 customer service software onto your association’s website. By working with a software company of your choice, you can have the capability to make sure your member and non-member questions are answered no matter the time of day.

You can also space out your staff’s schedules to make sure someone is always online to answer questions during reasonable hours of the day.

Remember, your staff are real people with real lives, and unless you’re outsourcing help from other parts of the country, so they may not be able to be available all hours of the day. This is where your software can step in. However, you can schedule your staff in shifts to make sure there’s a better span of help for younger individuals with those all-over schedules and instant expectations.

Freebie events

And lastly, who doesn’t love a freebie?

Your younger audience members are just finding their way into the professional world, and therefore don’t want to pass up any opportunity to save money on the things they want and find valuable. Therefore, your association could do some good by providing freebies at your events, workshops, and informational meetings.

So, what kind of freebies should you provide? Anything you can, really.

As far as valuable products go, offering free checklists, ebooks, handouts, and other content can really help you attract those younger individuals looking for a way into a brand new organization. You can also provide free items that you may find trivial but others may appreciate- free food, free coffee, free association merch. The opportunities can be as large or small as you want, so consider it for your next recruitment event.

Attracting those younger members outside of the benefits you offer can really seal the deal for your association. Try incorporating these tricks into your current strategy and amp up the way you recruit younger members.

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