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Meet Members Where it Counts: 4 Ways to Improve Member Satisfaction

Membership Audra Hopkins

Keeping your association’s customer service game at its top performance can be quite the tiresome task. How can you make sure you keep all of your members happy all of the time?

With the world around us more self serving than ever, the days of waiting for goods and services and being patient with companies is long behind us. After all, when you can get anything you want instantly with just the press of a button or the click of a computer mouse, why should you be expected to wait for anything at all?

And it’s up to your association to keep up with the ever changing, constant needs and wants of your members. They’re expecting your association to be on top of every request they have- and as soon as possible. So, how can you keep up with their demands while still keeping your cool?

While your organization isn’t going to have the same bandwidth and instantaneous responses as big corporations like Amazon and Google, there are simple steps you can take to improve member satisfaction. We’re going to show you 4 ways you can keep your members happy and stay on top of their requests.

Let’s get right into it, and get your members satisfied!

1. Surveys

As always, surveying your members on their current satisfaction rates will help you get a feel on how your association is keeping its members happy.

With surveying being one of the most reliable feedback sources from your members out there, there’s no reason why your association shouldn’t want to implement a satisfaction survey of its own. A member satisfaction survey can connect your members directly to your association’s staff, giving you the relationship and information you’ve been looking for.

By asking your members the right questions and collecting their answers in an organized manner, you’ll have a better idea of where your association is performing at its best, and where you may need to fix up your member satisfaction strategy.

Meet with your team to come up with a membership satisfaction survey that works for you. You can create questions that will get you the feedback you need, as well as include a section for members to write in any comments or concerns that are not covered within your survey.

While a membership satisfaction survey, you’ll start off your member satisfaction improvement on the right note.

2. More content

Are your members looking for more value from your association? If you notice that members aren’t interacting and engaging with your website like they used to, it might be time to introduce some new content.

Having a place on your association’s website for downloadable content offers can give members a reason to visit and engage with your site. It also allows them to download and consume your content on their own time, giving them the flexibility and power to use your association’s benefits at their own convenience- which could increase their overall satisfaction.

If your association doesn’t have a place for content on its website, consider setting up a page strictly for content offers. This should include ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, videos, and any other content you produce.

If you do already have a place for content, you need to make sure it is properly maintained and frequently updated. Stocking your website with fresh content is a must if you want to keep members coming back for more. Don’t forget to alert members when new content is available on your site via email as well!

3. Instant download

And speaking of downloadable content, let’s talk about the importance of instant download.

As we mentioned before, we’re living in instantaneous times. With everything available to us the second we push a button, there’s no need to wait around for the things we want anymore. And your association’s content should be available as soon as possible, too.

By creating content that is ready for download immediately, you’re cutting down on wait times members may have had to endure in the past. After all, if members have to wait around for content to be delivered to them, or have to wait an extended period of time for content to download, they may lose interest altogether.

This goes back to fitting into your members’ schedules and ensuring that your association is a convenient resource for information and value. At the end of the day, you’re working to serve your membership, so your content should reflect that as well.

4. Career centers

Many studies have shown that having a career center on your association’s website can boost an association’s online traffic engagement. So why not give your members the extra benefit of having an amazing career resource to access?

Consider incorporating a career center into your association’s web engagement strategy and give your members another benefit to look forward to. With the right career center, members will be able to search from the latest job postings and advance their career if they choose. It’s a great way to keep members happy with the career resources you provide.

Don’t let your member satisfaction fall flat. Meet your members where it counts, make sure their experience with your association is a positive one, and you’ll have happier members in no time.

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