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Member Feedback: How to Handle Suggestions, Comments, and Concerns

Membership Audra Hopkins

Collecting feedback from your members can give you the inside scoop on how your association is performing. But what do you do once your suggestion box is full?

Whether you collect feedback through a survey, in a digital suggestion box, or in person at events and workshops, the opinions your members share with you should never go to waste. It’s up to your association to turn these suggestions into a positive change for everyone involved, but especially your members.

So, what can you do with all of the member feedback your association has been collecting? Putting member comments towards something productive should always be your end goal, and luckily for you- we’ve got a few ways to make your member feedback work for you.

So, it’s time to take your suggestion box and empty it out once and for all!

1. Spruce up events

So, let’s start with your association’s event suggestions. What are you doing to make sure you’re keeping members satisfied at your events and conferences?

Handling your event feedback is one of the most important parts of keeping your attendance rates where you’d like them. You won’t know how your event is performing with your members without taking their event feedback into consideration, so be sure to keep sending out those post-event surveys and getting your attendees thoughts.

For starters, you should always be well aware of the feedback coming in during/after your association’s events. You want to be sure that everyone who’s attending is having an excellent time, and being aware of attendee satisfaction can help you do that.

But, for those members leaving feedback post event on things they’d like to see in the future, it’s important to listen and give them what they want. Take in any suggestions given about future event speakers, activities, networking opportunities, venues, and anything else your members would like to see. You can even create polls based on these suggestions to give members some power in decision making towards your association’s next event.

Sprucing up your events with member feedback can help you score some serious event attendance rates in the future.

2. Bring up suggestions in a livestream

Want to know how your members feel about making a change based off of feedback? Why not bring your favorite suggestions and comments to your members and get a conversation started?

Collecting the suggestions that you feel can be further discussed with your staff should always be a priority when sifting through feedback. But sharing these valuable suggestions with your other members can give you a better sense of how these changes could positively or negatively affect the way they experience your association.

Consider taking your suggestions to get a crowd opinion by sharing them on a video livestream. This way, you’re not only working hard to engage members on a tech-savvy platform, but you’re also showing them that you read and take into consideration their comments and concerns.

If your association isn’t well versed in video streaming, you can come up with alternative methods to share feedback and get member opinions. Putting out blogs and/or social media posts asking for feedback in comments is one alternative. You can also consider polling members for an easy and organized way to collect the opinions you’re looking for.

Brining suggestions to get a crowd opinion will help you take your feedback and turn it into something members love.

3. Start creating proposals

Taking the feedback that you want to act on, your association’s team can then start working to make things happen.

Turning your feedback into real life changes can help you take the next step towards improving member experience and satisfaction. And by creating proposals for new ideas and updates, you’ll have a clear avenue to start making things happen for you and your members.

Coming up with proposals on how to upgrade events, benefits, and the like is easier said than done. So, why not reach out to members to pitch proposals as well? Allowing members to have a say in what you propose to change will give them an added sense of appreciation.

Meeting with your team to turn feedback into change will help you get a better understanding of your member suggestions and organize them into productive ideas and experiences.

Don’t let feedback from members keep piling up on your association. Learn how to handle your suggestions with stride and turn them into something productive with our tips.

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