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Mid-Year Motivation: It’s Time to Revisit Your Association’s Annual Goals

Membership Audra Hopkins

Setting up for success at the beginning of the year can lead your association to bigger and better things. But how can you make sure you don’t lose sight of what you’ve set out to achieve this year?

Motivating staff is a full time job for any association executive. In fact, did you know only 13% of employees are truly engaged with their job? And that statistic is world wide. That’s right, globally it’s seemingly impossible to get even half of your staff on the same path to success.

With a narrow window to engage your association’s staff, you’ll want to be sure you check in with them half way through the year to see where things are moving in terms of annual goals and objectives. And lucky for you, it’s about that time! So, what advice do we have to give you?

If you’re an association that tends to lose steam half way through the year, you’ll want some insight on how to keep things rolling along smoothly. Keep reading on to figure out how to push some mid-year motivation into your association’s staff engagement strategy.

It’s time to check in with your goals

Using the new year as a time to create goals for your association is smart. But it’s keeping up with those goals and remembering all of your plans that can be the tough part.

With six months under your belt in the year, your association should be revisiting those goals you set in order to fully assess how your organization has aligned with those objectives since they were set. After all, you want to be sure you catch yourself if you aren’t on the right path in order to set yourself up for a more productive latter half of the year.

When you first set your goals, you should always list them out and store them someplace where you can regularly view them. If you haven’t done this, try your best to list things out now (better late than never!). Then, you can have your goals directly in front of you to track progress.

Visualizing the goals you set months ago will help you get a better grip on how close or how far away they are to being completed, allowing you to take action on directing your association’s staff.

Turn things up a notch through competition

Want to make sure your staff is doing their best to complete tasks on time and move closer to success? Turn things into a competition and offer incentives to those who perform at the top of their game.

Competition in the workplace is a great way to get people motivated in a fun and friendly way. It allows for staff to drive ambition up and push one another to achieve more. And best of all, it can get you on your way to better staff engagement and goal achievement.

Post your tasks up for all employees to see and set a prize for those that get things done. Your incentive could be something like extra break time, a luncheon, a bonus, or whatever works for you.

Analyze current projects

If you’re behind on your projected achievement dates, it could have something to do with the projects you have currently running.

Sometimes, details and mishaps can get away from you. As an association executive, your time is spread thin between a million different tasks, and project management can sometimes get away from you. That’s why it’s important to take time mid way through the year to make sure projects are running to the best of their ability.

Take some time to sit in on project meetings and identify what could be holding your staff back. Whether it’s time management, staff differences, or any other roadblocks you encounter, analyzing each and every current project could give you a better idea of how to make things run their best.

Take the time to see where current projects are going in order to make sure they align with your set goals.

Make involvement a priority

Staying involved in what your staff is doing is key. After all, members want to know the organization they’re apart of is invested in what’s going on all the way to the top.

Being involved in what’s going on means a lot of things. It means projects and tasks get done on time and productivity is upheld. However, it also means being involved with your associations’ staff- checking in on them, making sure they aren’t overwhelmed or unhappy, and working with them to keep them satisfied at all times.

Being involved with members and staff can keep you invested in what’s going on and give a new level of management that can help you achieve success.

Don’t let half of the year go by without aligning with the success your association wants to see. Get staff motivated and see more ambition with a few easy changes!

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