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Millennial Members: 3 Easy Ways Associations can Attract More

Membership Audra Hopkins

The workforce is getting younger and younger each day, so how do you get these new young professionals to come on board as an association member?

The hunt for Millennial members is not a new feat for any organization. In fact, Millennials are well on their way into the workforce, and their Generation Z counterparts are not far behind. With that being said, you’ll want to be on top of your game in terms of professional enhancement opportunities if you want to catch their eye. 

Millennials are looking for chances to grow as professionals, but with so many different organizations and associations out there to be apart of, you need to set yourself above the rest to have a chance at getting them on board as a member. And if you aren’t sure how to do that, we’d like to lend you some of our tried and true advice.

On this week’s episode of #WebScribbleWednesday, we’re giving you three easy ways your association can appeal to younger individuals in order to grow your membership and your Millennial demographic. With these tips, you’ll have tools that are proven to work wonders in giving young professionals what they want in terms of professional enhancement.

We’ll further discuss the value of networking events, educational workshops, and career development tools such as a career center (just like our very own career center software!). With these three tools under your belt, you’ll be sure to become a hub for career growth that younger individuals will want to become apart of.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode of #WebScribbleWednesday: Securing Millennial Members.

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