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Preparing for the MM&C Conference: Tips from 3 Professionals

Membership Audra Hopkins

In the midst of events season, one event stands out as being the ultimate hub for all knowledge related to marketing, membership, and communication: ASAE’s 2018 MM&C Conference.

If you’ve never heard of the MM&C Conference, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Why are so many people excited to attend?

ASAE’s description of their MM&C Conference says it best:The Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (MMCC) gives association and nonprofit professionals the insights necessary to take their marcomm and membership strategies to new heights. Learn the latest in engagement, technology, and trends from industry innovators.”

If this sounds like an event you might be interested in, you’re not alone.

Many association executives, industry partners, and other professionals flock to the MM&C Conference to receive valuable, insider information that keeps them up to date with all things membership, marketing, and communication related. And you can too!

If this is your first year attending ASAE’s MM&C Conference, you might feel overwhelmed. What should you look for? How should you spend your time? Are there strategies to help you get the most out of your experience?

That’s why we reached out to a few helpful professionals for some tips and advice on how to prepare and make the most of your MMCC experience.

Let’s get started.


Look for innovation

With many conferences, the idea of innovation can come into play.

How can you take the information you’re receiving and turn it into a new business venture or perspective in your own professional life? With a sea of valuable resources being offered at events, it can be easy to get lost in it all.

That’s why you need to be on the lookout for information that you can turn into innovation.

This years MMCC deals with the theme of new perspectives. With the website overplaying the theme of a changing kaleidoscope view of different images, you can really get the point that ASAE is hosting an event that will take the way you view things and change them up.

ASAE even stresses the idea of innovation in their keynote speakers.

ASAE’s MMCC website states that attendees will “get a new perspective from innovative keynote speakers”. They also claim their three speakers will “inspire you to reimagine strategies in your association”.

They’re website’s message rings true for one event-goer from last year.

Carolyn Hook, association Membership & Engagement Specialist, had some innovation-related advice to give this year’s attendees:

Look forward to shaking things up and taking your career up a notch. You can find new innovative solutions to organizational challenges at MM&C; but, you’ll also learn about what’s coming next and how to get your organization and your members prepared now.

So, if you’re going to be attending this year’s conference, be prepared to have new tools to tackle your association’s future trials and tribulations.


Get questions prepared

You know going to this year’s MM&C Conference will give you the chance to be around well-spoken and knowledgeable professionals in your field.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of this abundance of valuable knowledge. You want to make sure you leave MMCC with all of your most pressing questions answered.

MMCC is a 3-day event with a schedule packed to the brim with valuable knowledge. If you’re looking to get the most out of this conference, it’s best to prepare your questions early.

Read through the MMCC 2018 schedule and get a feel of what’s to come in those three days. If you and get an understanding of what information might come your way, you can develop specific questions to bring with you to the  conference.

Angela Pubal, Membership and Marketing Manager at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) also had some advice to give people looking to prepare for the MM&C Conference:

“Write out some questions prior to the event that you know you want answered. There is a lot of information in a short amount of time, and it can be overwhelming. Get the answers to your 10 or so questions to feel like you made the most of your time at the Conference.

Preparing your questions ahead of time will allow you to enjoy this year’s MM&C Conference while also getting the information you need to problem solve at your own association.


Visit exhibitors early

Have you ever missed out on a prime opportunity because you waited too long? Chances are the answer is yes.

You don’t want to miss out on any of the exhibitors at this year’s conference. There are a ton of valuable exhibitors lined up this year- including Web Scribble! (You can find us at booth 214- stop by and say hello!)

Lori Boukas, Director of Marketing and Communications at the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), shared her past experience with visiting exhibitors at the right time:

Don’t wait to the last minute to visit the exhibitors. I did last year and they started breaking down before I got around to everyone that I wanted to see. There’s knowledge and insights to be gathered from exhibitors– think of them as partners and not just another (aggressively forward) salesperson.

If you’re looking to take in all that this year’s MM&C Conference has to offer, you have to check out the exhibitors- and do it in a timely manner.

Visit them all, see what type of information and products they have that can enhance your association, and make new connections. Who knows, they could have a service that your association didn’t even know it needed.


Connect, connect connect!

One of the best parts of any conference is the opportunity you get to network and connect with other association professionals from all over the country- and sometimes around the world!

If you’re attending this year’s MM&C conference, connection is key. You don’t want to keep to yourself at an event like this- branching out to new people will only help you in the long run!

Almost every person we interviewed for advice claimed that the biggest tip they could offer would be to reach out and speak to everyone around you. Introduce yourself to new faces and create a connection that could possibly lead to a growth opportunity in the near future.

Here are just a few quotes from our previously mentioned past attendees:

“MM&C brings the Collaborate communities to life,”  Said Carolyn Hook. “I get excited to connect with people in person – especially after reading and using their online advice.”

Lori also had a few words on the value of good connections at MMCC”

[The most] important tip I can give folks is to introduce yourself to the people you sit next to at lunch or during the sessions. Sometimes, I learned more from the people at my table than the presenters. This conference is about learning from your peers in other associations. So, if you go with your colleagues, don’t sit and talk to each other, branch out and say hi to the person next to you.”

And finally, a quote from Angela on the importance of making new connections at MMCC:

Make new friends. Everyone has different experiences and ideas that you might be able to take back and utilize in your own professional world.

If anything, your biggest takeaway in order to get prepared for the MM&C Conference should be to be ready to meet new people.


Hopefully, these tips will help you have an amazing at ASAE’s 2018 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference.

Be sure to take in everything you can. Bring questions, take in all information, and leave with a new found artillery of knowledge that can help you take out future problems at your association. With these tips, you can be sure to make your experience at MMCC a huge success.

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