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The Forgotten Generation: How to Attract and Retain Baby Boomers

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We’ve written a lot of content for associations on how to attract, engage, and retain your Millennial and Generation Z members. But what about members of an older generation?

The truth is, Baby Boomers are just as important as younger generations. They’re highly valuable, and possibly just as difficult to understand how to satisfy as members. And, not surprisingly, they require their own strategy to convert them into long-time members.

Just because Baby Boomers have been surpassed as the largest generation does not mean they should be counted out in terms of value and importance to an association. There’s a lot of potential for older generation members to be a great piece of the membership puzzle.

So, let’s learn a little bit more about how your association can keep Baby Boomer members happy and coming back for more. We’ll give you a breakdown on the Boomer generation, as well as provide some tips that can help give these members a welcome spot in your association’s membership.

The Value of Boomers

So, why should you care about the Baby Boomer generation? With the younger generation entering the workforce and looking for organizations to supplement their professional journey, it would seem like taking the Millennial and Gen Z route and focusing your attention on appeasing these members would be the best move in terms of revenue and increasing member volume, right?

But if this is the way your association thinks about member value, you may want to reconsider.

In fact, Baby Boomer members are quite valuable in their own way. As an older generation, they’re well into their professional experience and most likely looking to enter retirement soon- which gives your association a chance to retain members with retirement discounts and incentives.

However, they’re also still full of life and looking to learn and experience much more even after their work experience ends. Boomers have similar wants and desires as any member, looking for fun events, amazing networking resources, and anything else your association can offer them. Don’t count Baby Boomers down and out in terms of length of membership- there is still so much time ahead of them to be an active and engaged member of your association.

Now that we’ve changed your mind on the value of the Baby Boomer member, what can you do to attract and retain this generation for years to come?

The Tech Gap

If your association is looking to attract a younger generation, your first access point may be the internet. After all, Millennials and Generation Z were the young geniuses of the tech world.

But Baby Boomers are not the same. Not growing up with technology and the online world at their fingertips, they may not be as tech savvy as their younger counterparts- and therefore harder to find and engage on the internet.

So, your association has to bridge the tech gap when recruiting Baby Boomer members to your association. More traditional routes like physical mail and the occasional friendly phone call may be your best route when spreading the word about what makes your association great. Sending out recruitment emails can also yield promising results in terms of getting a positive response from interested recipients.

On the plus side, offering up resources that can teach your older members about certain technology tools can be a valuable benefit. You can offer webinars and workshops, and always keep your association’s staff available for any questions members may have about your association’s website, member hub, and other online tools.

Closing any gaps Boomers experience with technology, you can be sure to make joining your association a comfortable and easy process.

The Education/Professional Connection

Although you may think professional resources are just for younger members, you may be hard pressed to find an older member that doesn’t want to continue their learning process.

It’s important for your association to continue offering educational and professional resources to your Boomer members no matter their professional experience or journey. While they may be senior executives and experts in their field, there is always more to learn and you never want to close opportunistic doors by assuming members have had their time in the professional world.

Instead, use your member data and judgement to provide educational resources that are applicable to the older generation. For example, instead of offering up resume workshops and interview practice events, consider offering things like professional networking events and mentor programs that they can acquire mentees from. You can also offer certifications and certificate programs to enhance their resume that much further.

You can also offer chances for them to host educational seminars for your younger members. This is an all around gain for everyone involved. It gives your Boomers a chance to brush up on their knowledge and teach a younger audience how to be better professionals. It also allows your younger member to learn and network from senior professionals with a ton of valuable experience. And finally, it helps your association by creating a tight knit community of strong members.

Education will always be a relevant topic no matter the age of members, so don’t count your Boomer members out.

Marketing Made Versatile

And last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about the world of marketing versus the Boomer member.

As you’ve probably guessed, your marketing messages should differ depending on the generation you’re trying to reach. Your marketing strategy for younger individuals will not hit as close to home for your older audience. It’s important to keep your marketing strategy versatile and have multiple options appealing to multiple generations.

So, let’s talk marketing for Boomers. As we know, technology does not come as natural to Boomers as it does to Millennials and Generation Z. Therefore, social media marketing may be out of the question when trying to attract this generation.

Instead, you may want to give print ads and email marketing a shot when attempting to acquire Boomer members. While it may feel unnatural to switch gears and focus less on social media, heading back to your marketing roots will attract Boomer members and give you an increase in demographic diversity within your membership.

Stay on your toes when creating marketing messages and consider your older generation audience in your marketing strategy.

By putting a focus on the Boomer generation, you can lock in a group of loyal, experienced members and keep them around for a while. Consider using our tips to increase your Boomer membership and satisfy them into a long lasting relationship with your association.

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