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Updating your Association’s Member Satisfaction Survey: 3 Easy Steps

Audra Hopkins

Think your association has a killer member satisfaction survey? If you haven’t taken a look at your strategy in a while, it could be time for an upgrade.

While setting up a great membership survey is essential, keeping up with the times and refreshing the way you question your members is just as important. After all, According to Folio Magazine, surveying is important for associations today because it is the “most reliable” source for feedback from your members. Therefore, you want to keep your survey in tip top shape!

But how do you know when it’s time to update your member satisfaction survey? And when you do figure it out, what are the next steps to take from there?

Fear not, because we’ve got some answers for you. We’re going to show you how your association can keep its eyes on the prize in terms of making sure your members stay happy. We’ll teach you 3 simple steps to take your current membership satisfaction survey and update it in ways that will keep it fresh, effective, and member-friendly.

So, keep reading on for our advice on how to update your association’s membership satisfaction survey.

1. Check in on your member data

The first thing you’re going to want to check in on is your member data. After all, surveys are all about making sure your association has enough member data to perform and keep members happy.

Checking in on the type of data you’re collecting can give you a better sense of how your survey is performing. For example, if you feel that your survey is collecting an appropriate amount of data in all areas of interest, you may have a fully functioning survey that doesn’t need updating.

However, if you see that there are inconsistencies or holes in data collection, you may have a problem. You need your survey to collect all types of data, from member demographics, to opinions on how things are functioning, to suggestions on how to improve in the future. If you’re missing any of this, you’ll know it’s time to go in and modify your current satisfaction survey.

Checking in on your collected survey data will let you know if it’s time to make any necessary updates.

2. Audit your questions and organization

Once you’ve realized that it’s time to start making changes, you’ll want to run through your current member satisfaction survey and analyze it from top to bottom.

Let’s start with the overall structure. Looking at your survey from top to bottom, you want to see if the order of your questions and general flow of the survey makes sense for those participating in it. Ideally your survey should be cohesive in structure, starting off with general demographic questions, moving into more specific questions about different aspects of your association, and ending with an overall summary of how your members feel in terms of satisfaction.

Once you analyze your structure and point out where any holes could be, you want to get down to the specific content of your survey.

Making sure your questions are easily understood is a must. If you want consistent data, you need to get your point across with the way you word your questions. Therefore, if you’re noticing that certain questions on your survey are gathering inconsistent data, you may need to update or change the question to something that works a bit better.

3. Matching questions to association updates

Chances are, your association has changed in a lot of different ways since you first created your member satisfaction survey. But if you’re still using outdated questions, the data you collect from them will be virtually useless.

It’s important to keep your survey questions current whenever your association adds new features for members to use. If you release new benefits, host new types of events, or create new ways to engage and interact with members, you’ll want data on how these new features are performing. And vice versa, any features you’ve done away with shouldn’t be a main focus of your satisfaction survey.

Be sure to check all of your survey questions to see if what they’re asking is still relevant. Get rid of any questions dealing with outdated services and replace them with questions that will collect data on any new features you may have introduced since you last updated your survey.

There you have it. In just 3 easy steps, your association can be on its way to a much improved satisfaction survey that members will actively want to partake in. Consider using these tips whenever your association feels it’s time to upgrade its survey.

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