What Every Association’s Membership Renewal Email Needs

February 19th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Membership

Membership renewal is a crucial time for any association and its members. You work hard to attract new members every year, so you want them to stick around when it’s time to renew.

According to Growth Zone’s 2017 Association Survey, membership retention is one of the biggest challenges all associations face.

4 Top Tips on Retaining Generation Z Members for Associations

February 16th, 2018
Membership, Recruiting
Audra Hopkins Membership, Recruiting

You’ve done it! You’ve attracted a Gen Z audience to your association.

Now, do you know how to keep them there?

3 Amazing Tips for Recruiting Millennial Volunteers

February 15th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Recruiting

It seems like we can’t hear enough about the importance of a Millennial membership for associations.

Yes, Millennials are an essential part of any association. In fact, they’re an essential part of the workforce in general.

What We Really Love about Associations and Their Members

February 14th, 2018
Audra Hopkins

It’s Valentine’s Day! The time of year for love, roses, and a lot of discounted chocolate the next day. Who couldn’t love this holiday?

Here at Web Scribble, we always feel the love for our associations and their members. That’s right, you don’t need a holiday to recognize how great associations are (but it is nice to have one!)

Instagram for Associations: How to Attract a New Audience

February 13th, 2018
Marketing, Technology
Audra Hopkins Marketing, Technology

Your association should know about the power of Instagram.

SmartInsights recently released the latest statistics about the photo sharing social platform, and the results are incredible.

5 Effective Membership Tips for Association Professionals

February 12th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Membership

As an association professional, you want to stay on top of the trends in order to maintain a strong membership.

According to Growth Zone’s 2018 Association Trends Survey Report, 54% of associations who responded report their membership has either decreased or not grown at all. On top of that, 48% claimed the same results for their new membership numbers.

How Great Events can Help your Member Engagement Strategy

February 9th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Engagement

It’s the biggest time of year for your association: event season.

Yes, the time you’ve been preparing for months has finally come, and you’re ready to show your members what this year’s event has in store. You’ve booked the vendors, secured sponsors, and marketed your event for months.

4 Essential Emails Every Association Needs to Send

February 8th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Marketing

Email is every association’s best friend.

Think about it, what can’t email do? It’s cost-friendly, easy to manage, and able to reach the mass audience that is your association’s membership. There’s no denying email use has been a problem solver for many organizations.

How to Boost Association Membership and Score Loyal Members

February 7th, 2018
Membership, Recruiting
Audra Hopkins Membership, Recruiting

Loyalty is key when it comes to a strong membership. You want members that will stand by your association for the good and the bad times.

How do you measure a loyal member? Well, loyalty within an association can be classified in returning business.

4 Best Practices for Associations Looking to Start a Blog

February 6th, 2018
Audra Hopkins Marketing

Content creation is an essential part of every company’s content marketing effort.

According to DemandMetric, 91% of B2B marketers create content for their marketing plan. On top of that, 37% of marketers believe content-led web sites are the best way to engage customers. And they may be right- 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through its own content.

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