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3 Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas Your Association Will Want to Steal

Creating effective marketing campaigns for your association is crucial. You need to make sure your marketing materials catch the eyes of your audience and prompts them to engage.

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If you want to grow your membership and raise awareness about your association’s brand, you want the best of the best when it comes to marketing campaigns.

Creating effective marketing campaigns for your association is crucial. You need to make sure your marketing materials catch the eyes of your audience, prompting them to visit your association’s website, download your content offers, attend your events, or anything else you’d like them to do. In fact, the right marketing campaign should be able to improve your association any way you’d like it to. But the trouble is, with the internet being so vast and holding so much content already, your association needs to work ten times harder to create marketing campaigns that stand out.

If you feel stuck in a creative rut and can’t come up with a marketing campaign for your association, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 3 marketing campaign ideas that are so fun, unique, and easy to create that you just might want to take them off our hands (don’t worry- we won’t tell anyone).

Let’s start racking up the campaign creatives, and get your association on track to more effective marketing techniques your members will love!

Interactive member testimonials

Member testimonials are always a great way to get word of mouth marketing materials from those who trust your brand and can advocate for it best. But why not spice things up by creating testimonials that audiences can interact with? Interactive content can help pull in audiences that would normally scroll right past your association’s marketing campaigns and materials. In fact, did you know that over 80% of static advertisements are ignored by the general internet crowd?

That’s right, your static campaigns could be getting glanced right over, so you want to come up with something that allow for audience participation. Consider turning your member testimonials into a video that members can get involved with. You can have audiences choose which testimonial they’d like to hear, click on member profiles to learn more about their testimonial, ask questions at the end of each testimonial, or anything else that involves those engaging with this campaign. It’s also a great way to engage your members giving their testimonial, so don’t be afraid to reach out and get them on board!

2. Digital badges

While we’ve discussed the value of adding digital badges to your association’s website before, we’ve never mentioned how they can be use to better advertise your association.

Pew Research reports 87% of professional adults finding value in digital badges, ranking it as either “essential” or “important” to update professional skills through training. In addition, 49% of college graduates state that their college degree was not necessary in order to learn the skills needed for their current line of work. It’s clear that people are looking for these digital badge opportunities, so why don’t you give them access in a way that doubles as a marketing ploy to increase brand awareness. By supplying digital badge opportunities to members, you’re allowing them to display your brand anywhere they seem fit: Whether it’s on LinkedIn, in their email signature, or wherever else they find necessary. And luckily for you, those badges will be seen by others in their network, allowing you to promote and market your brand with very little work. It’s a creative solution to your association’s brand marketing conundrums.

Think about the design and appearance of your digital badges before making them available to members. You want something that will stand out wherever they place it, and something that also displays your association’s name and brand well. This way, people viewing these badges will know where to look to find out more information. With digital badges doubling as a marketing tactic, you’ll provide members with educational resources and raise brand awareness at the same time.

3. Create art (and share it with others)

What better way to catch the attention of your audience than giving them something aesthetically pleasing that they can enjoy and interact with? Your association can use art to its advantage, especially if you have a widespread local community you’re looking to engage. For example, let’s talk murals. Have you ever seen a business with an amazingly done mural outside or inside their office? Murals are a great way to add life and color to your brand and give back to those art lovers in the community. You can commission someone to create a mural that aligns well with your association’s brand. You can then share photos of that mural on social media, invite members to take photos of their own with the art, use it in future marketing campaigns and videos as a backdrop, and much more!

Want to take a more subtle route? Things like chalk art, clever animations, graphic design, and other elements of art can be used and shared with members to give back a creative side to your association. It allows audience to enjoy something visually appealing, share it with others, and further spread your association’s brand and mission statement. Don’t forget about the power of good art when coming up with a new engaging marketing campaign! Marketing doesn’t have to be all crunching numbers and connecting the dots. You can tie in exciting, fun, and creative ideas to make the member recruitment and engagement process fun for everyone involved.