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Equip your members with the insights and tools they need to confidently shape, advance, and master their careers every step of the way.
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Why Career Guides Matter

Career development isn't just about landing a job. It’s about understanding the journey, honing skills, and discovering new opportunities. Career Guides offer a clear and comprehensive tool to help members take control of their careers with confidence.

Engage Members

When members have access to valuable tools, they stay engaged. Career Guides provide insights that keep members coming back, fostering deeper connections within the association.

Industry Experience

Our team of recruitment ad specialist has extensive knowledge of the industry they represent, and is able to uniquely position your association as a valued partner in the company's talent acquisition strategies.

Extension of your Team

We act as an extension of your association, working closely with each partner to deliver on-brand and relevant messaging to your industry.

Strategic Planning for Growth

We act as a true partner to help create annual sales and marketing plans with clear goals and initiatives to increase non-dues revenue year over year.

What Career Guides Offer

Job Overviews

Each job title includes a detailed overview outlining key responsibilities and expectations. Members get a clear picture of what each role involves and whether it fits their career aspirations.

Essential Skills

Career Guides highlight the key skills needed for each job, helping members identify areas for growth. Whether just starting out or looking to advance, members will know what’s needed to succeed and how the association can support them.

Educational Requirements and Experience

Members see what employers are looking for in terms of education and experience, helping them understand and achieve the necessary qualifications.

Salary Information & Benefits

Real salary data from millions of job postings give members an accurate picture of what to expect. Common benefits offered with each position are also highlighted, so members know what to look for and negotiate.

Detailed Job Descriptions

Job descriptions outline key responsibilities, expectations, and daily tasks, helping members decide if a job aligns with their goals.

Interview Questions

Members see what employers are looking for in terms of education and experience, helping them understand and achieve the necessary qualifications.

Search Engine Optimized

Designed to attract new members, Career Guides make it easy for potential members to find the association when searching for career information.

Career Paths

Visual Career Paths show logical progressions from one job to another, helping members make informed decisions about their next steps. This roadmap for advancement also highlights how the association can assist through certifications and other resources.

Ready to see Career Guides in action?

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“I find the work that Web Scribble does on the platform to be highly beneficial, it's very well managed, and our sales revenues are excellent."
Sheila T. Costa
MA, PMP - Alliance For Academic Internal Medicine
“Working with Web Scribble has been a great experience and has made my job easier! Our members now have access to an easy-to-use job board and we’re continually growing our number of employers and job seekers.”
Nicole Goodman
Senior Marketing and Sales Manager
“Web Scribble personnel proved to be very professional throughout the transition process and made the whole process seamless and hassle-free. The continuous communications and guidance from Web Scribble was very helpful and educational. The career center platform was found to be user- friendly with a great variety of useful reports furthering the goal of our Society to provide this valuable benefit of jobs search and postings to our members.”
Olga Loukina
CPA, Director of Finance and HR
“It was effortless to work with a dedicated Web Scribble team. They made everyone’s jobs easier by assisting with the integration of our technology platforms since we don’t have in-house technical experience.”
Jennifer Nelson
Marketing & Sales

Even better, together

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