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3 Email Refreshers Your Association Can Use for Better Engagement

Refreshing email content for the sake of improving engagement is easy if you use your imagination and our help. Consider trying out these 3 ideas when you feel a block in your association’s usual email creativity.

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Are you using email as your main source of marketing and member engagement? Then you better make sure you keep things fresh. We all know by now that email just works. They’re a foolproof solution to a timeless question: How do you reach everyone you’d like to communicate with at once? With the use of email, you can deliver dynamic content to all of your members, volunteers, audiences, and the like. And people are hoping that you do- after all, 90% of consumers prefer an email newsletter to receive content over other methods of delivery. But unfortunately, just sending out the same email newsletter isn’t going to cut it if you want prime engagement rates.

Email newsletters are a high performing subcategory of content marketing that every association should keep in their content artillery. But if you aren’t refreshing the content, design, and overall feel of your newsletters when the time comes, you could be damaging your engagement rates. That’s why we’d like to show you how to squeeze some life back into the content you send out over email. With these shifts and changes to your emails, you should be able to catch the eye of bored email recipients and get them back to enjoying your content. Keep reading on to refresh and revive your association’s current email marketing strategy!

1. Stockpile organization information

Your association’s emails should be a hub of updates on what’s going on within your organization- and so your content should always reflect that. But you may find it hard not to repeat the same news over and over again within your newsletters. How can you get around this vicious cycle?

Keeping your email list informed on all that your association has done, is doing, and will be doing in the future is a must. So, you need to make sure the content you include about your association encompasses all three of these stages.

In order to do this, you can provide a plethora of different content options. Your association can create, but is not limited to: Archived articles about your company history, important organization milestones, a calendar of upcoming events, a recap of your overall month, and more. There are so many different ways to present the state of your organization to members, so don’t limit yourself to this list. If you can keep an accurate archive of information to include in email newsletters, you can pull from this stockpile for future campaigns where you lack content.

2. Quality over quantity

Having an abundance of content for your association’s emails might seem great, it doesn’t always mean good things for your email engagement.

Did you know that email recipients only read about 19% of an entire email? That’s right, not even half of what you write has the potential to be digested by your readers. When thinking about this, it makes sense to strip your emails down to only the essential information you want to get across to your audience. This is why dialing back the content in your emails/newsletters can actually be a good thing. You can cut back on unnecessary or repetitive content this way; Think about all of the content you host on your website that members have probably already read through and don’t want repeated in their email inbox.Y

ou also strip things back to the essentials. If you have a certain topic you want to be digested in your email, center your email around this topic. Stick to writing content around this, and readers that are strictly interested in that topic will be sure to read and engage with this email. Only make sure the content you’re putting into your emails is relevant and high quality instead of overloading emails with words.

3. Add fresh faces with staff bios

As an association, you’re always welcoming in new friendly faces to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s new board directors, staff, volunteers, or just helping hands, you should be celebrating all of the people coming together to make things happen.

Hosting a spotlight section in your emails to introduce and admire members of your association staff can keep things new and interesting. If members don’t have a chance to meet with your organization face to face or attend events in person, this can be a way for them to get closer and feel more connected, engaging them more. There are a few different ways to do this. You can create a blurb at the bottom of your newsletter highlighting a different staff member each month. You can include a photo of said staff member, along with a short 2-3 sentence description of who they are and what they provide for your organization. You can even include a fun fact about them to keep things interesting!

Or, you can host a short interview with your association’s board of directors and send out this interview in email content form. You can ask questions about what they do, how they like working with your association, and what exciting new changes are in the works for the upcoming year.

With so many different ways to highlight staff and volunteers, you’ll have plenty of content to provide members in emails that will maintain dynamic email engagement. Refreshing email content for the sake of improving engagement is easy if you use your imagination and our help. Consider trying out these 3 ideas when you feel a block in your association’s usual email creativity.