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3 Foolproof Member Conversion Tips Your Association Will Want to Try

When it comes to converting interested individuals into happy new members, we’ve got the tips you need to make sure you succeed.

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Want to convert more of your event attendees, website visitors, and target audience into loyal members? You have all the right qualities to increase member acquisition, you just need to get your association on the right track.

Taking things to the next step with nonmember individuals can feel intimidating. You’ve done your part to keep them intrigued and interact with them on a regular basis, but how do you truly know when it’s time to pitch them your member benefits and get them to come on board as a brand new addition to your membership? You don’t want to play your hand too early and drive them away with your ambition.

Member conversion can be boiled down to a simple formula given the right knowledge and tips. If this is something your association would like to improve in its own member acquisition program, you’ll love our advice. Keep reading on for 3 foolproof member conversion tips that your association will want to try (and possibly keep around for good!)

1. Host introductory conferences

Want to give nonmembers a better visual on what they’re missing out on? Invite them to an introductory conference to show them the full picture. Holding introductory conferences or even webinars will give nonmembers the chance to learn more at their own pace and when they’re ready to hear it. With no more overbearing marketing emails and recruitment messages from your association, you may have a better shot of getting those that really want to join your association onboarded with ease.

Your introductory course should cover the basics of what it’s like to be a member at your association. From the value of benefits and discounts, to the onboarding process, to member exclusive events, and more. You really want to show the full value that audiences will get when becoming a member, so don’t skimp out of numbers or details when planning your conference. If you’re an association that does a lot of its member acquisition in person, a conference is the perfect platform for this. But if your association is on a national scale, you may find hosting an informational webinar online to be the best option. Choose your platform wisely and see what works best for you.

2. Don’t discount aesthetics

When it comes down to it, an association wants to be both valuable and aesthetically pleasing in every aspect of the term. If your organization’s logo, branding, or website design is outdated, it can speak volumes to nonmembers and paint you in a negative light. Audiences want to see that you care about things like technology, design, and aesthetics. After all, they want to make sure the organization they’re interested in is keeping up with trends and cares about its outward image.

This is why it’s important to make constant updates to your association’s branding materials and overall website design. These changes do not have to be huge (although if it’s been some time since you’ve last updated your website, it could be time for a major revamp).Pay close attention to the materials you give to nonmembers. Make sure everything is designed the way you want it, that no logos or information is outdated, and that the overall layout is aesthetically pleasing. This way, you’re showing those you’re looking to onboard that you care about every detail, even the superficial ones.

3. Ask for member referrals

Using your current membership base as a recruitment group can have amazing results in terms of new member acquisition. We all know word of mouth marketing takes the cake when it comes to increasing membership and overall conversion rates. So, instilling a member referral program can help you get current members involved and improve what gets marketed about your association. Consider rolling out a member referral program and include incentives for members who help onboard a certain amount of new members. You can have a different incentive for each tier. This way, members work towards recruiting more new members in order to rank higher and receive better incentives. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Don’t be shy when asking members to help you bring in new acquisitions, but be sure to also make it worth their while. When it comes to converting interested individuals into happy new members, we’ve got the tips you need to make sure you succeed. Try out one or all of these conversion tips and see how your association increases its membership in the near future.