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3 Simple Tech Tools to Help Improve Your Association’s Events

‍Introducing tech into your association’s events doesn’t have to be a stressful, complicated process. Using these 3 tools, you can easily spruce up events to your liking and improve them in the near future.

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Want to make your association’s events an all around better experience for members? With brand new, updated technology, it’s possible. Making your events and conferences run more efficiently is always a positive.

From registering your attendees, to keeping everyone organized, and making sure your events lead to high satisfaction ratings, it would be nice to implement technology to help you manage all of these events. And with technology constantly updating and changing, it could be time for you to look into some new avenues to try on for size.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a lot of self sufficient, easily set up tech tools that your association can use during its events to help improve attendance experience. Using these new and simple tech tools, you can increase event attendance and make sure members show up and have an amazing time with your association. So, let’s look at 3 technology tricks and hacks that your association can incorporate into its events.

1. Self-service check in

Checking in all of your event attendees is always a frustration. Between printing badges for attendees, getting your attendees lined up at the beginning of your event, and troubleshooting registration problems day of, finding a better solution to your registration problems.

With a self-service check in though, your association can take a lot of the frustration out of event registration, leaving more time for members to enjoy their experience at your event. Similar to self-service check in podiums that you would typically see in airports, this type of technology allows event attendees to check themselves in with easy to follow instructions that can take much less time than a manual registration process. Using touch-screen technology and methods like name search or QR code scanning, self-service event check in is a brand new way to take the hassle out of event registration. Using an automated check in technology, your association can improve registration experience, increase efficiency, and help you register attendees more accurately and with better data.

2. Texting attendees

Want a better way to reach out to attendees that you know will help you engage with them? Consider bringing texting and instant messages to the table. With text message open rates being as high as 98% as opposed to email’s 20%, the idea of bringing texting into your association’s events is almost a necessity. And with so many ways to do so, you can be sure to find a method that works well for both your association and your event attendees. You can choose to send out mass, broadcasts texts about any updates or deals that involve your event. For example, if scheduling changes or early bird deals are being offered, you may want to send out a text to members and those interested in attending. This is a way to make sure your event attendees are receiving and actually reading your event updates.

Or, you can consider getting personal with event attendees and using one-on-one texting to do so. With this form of texting, you’re allowing yourself to have personal conversations with event attendees that can lead to both a better understanding of what members are expecting in events as well as improved communication and engagement efforts. You should always allow event attendees and members to have the option to opt-out of these text messages. This way, no one feels overwhelmed by your text messages and they can be put to good use for those who enjoy them.

3. Event management platforms

Having trouble getting all of your event’s moving parts together? Consider using event management technology to keep planning easy and organized. With the proper event management software, any association can take on event planning and make it an easy experience. Many event planning software take on most of the work and organization for you, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your event- like making members happy. With event management software, you can expect to have the capability of having customized dashboards, an organized backlog of past and current attendees, pulling data reports when needed, and much more.

For those associations that have trouble pulling together the resources and bandwidth necessary to plan events, event management software will give you a way to make sure everything gets taken care of. You can easily plug in data and information and let the software help you tie loose ends together. You can even keep track of past events and conferences, making sure you have references to look back on when planning future events. Event management software can make sure things are all set to make for a great event for all.

Introducing tech into your association’s events doesn’t have to be a stressful, complicated process. Using these 3 tools, you can easily spruce up events to your liking and improve them in the near future.