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4 Association Benefits You Can Offer that Millennials Will Love

Your benefits say a lot about who your association is trying to attract as a member. Spruce up your current benefits with a few of our suggestions in order to attract a younger group of members, and keep them renewing!

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So, your association is looking to bring in a younger generation of members. But do you have the offers, incentives, and benefits to catch the eyes of potential millennial individuals? Did you know that a reported 56% of associations find it troublesome to engage with the millennial generation? With Millennials on their way into settling down in the professional world, but still being dynamic and unique individuals, it can be tough for associations to try and create a mold for this group to fit in.

If you can tailor your association’s benefits to pique the interest of Millennials, you’re on your way to a stronger membership in no time. So, let’s talk about a few benefits your association can offer up that are just as valuable, unique, and wonderful as your millennial audiences. With these benefits, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of any younger individual looking to join an organization.

1. Discount to a coworking space

With coworking environments like WeWork becoming extremely popular with professionals across the globe, it could be time for your association to take advantage of this new trend by offering discounts for memberships.

According to Quartz, the coworking space mogul known as WeWork has more than 400,000 members in 99 cities within 26 countries. And with the major success of WeWork, there are other coworking spaces opening up all over the place- and chances are there’s one close to your association. Millennials are taking notice in the hype of WeWork and coworking spaces in general. With WeWork opening up Millennials to a flexible work schedule that allows them time out of the traditional office space, it couldn’t be better for those younger professionals looking for alternative ways to get work done- and not to mention the aesthetically pleasing spaces and perks like micro-roasted coffee and draft beer.

Consider reaching out either to a local coworking space, or to a coworking space company with locations across the country (such as WeWork) and work on creating a partnership that allows you to offer discounted memberships to your association’s member. Then, you can promote this discount to potential members and young professionals alike. A discount to a coworking space could be what your association needs to attract a younger generation of members.

2. More social events

Your younger generation members are working hard each and every day, and they’re looking to counter-balance that hard work with a healthy amount of play time. And your association’s events can be a hub for fun and excitement to your members. Creating more events at cool, exciting locations can entice your members looking for a break from the real world- and they can double as a way to boost your engagement as well. So, what types of events can you bring to the table that will bring in more Millennial members?

You should strive to create more social events. Millennials are looking to build up their professional network, but to also communicate and bond with their peers. Offering up fun, social events like ski trips, camping outings, and adventurous activities will get your members excited and ready to participate with your association. You can also create more social media buzz around your events to get the word out. Millennials are tech-savvy individuals who are no stranger to the social media world. Encouraging them to share any photos or experiences from their time at your events can get them engaging with your association, and can market your association to other potential new members!

3. Personal development

Of course, your association should always have a strong focus on professional and career development when looking to its younger generation of members. But have you ever considered offering resources that help with personal development?

Millennials are looking for professional positions where they can learn and grow. Why should their association involvement be any different? Providing resources and tools that enhance your members’ personal lives will give them an incentive to keep coming back to your association for more. Implementing more learning opportunities can help your Millennial members acquire more information about their career, their own work style, and where they’d like to be in the near future. You can even provide mentorships for your newer members to get them acclimated with your association. This gives them someone to come to if they need advice or guidance, as well as someone to answer any questions or concerns they may have while getting adjusted to being a member with your association. If you want to get more Millennials into your association’s benefits, you’ll want to show them that you’re in their corner in terms of personal development.

4. Incentivize social media participation

As we mentioned before, your Millennial members and potential members are no stranger to the way social media works. They’re avid social media users- so why not reward them for interacting with your association’s media platforms by setting up certain incentives and rewards. By setting up rewards for members who engage with your social media content, you’re not only giving your younger generation of members, who have a knack for social media, a chance to win amazing incentives- you’re also improving your engagement rates and spreading the word about your association to other potential audiences.

Create practical incentives that members will perk their ears up to hear about. You can put discounts and promotions up for grabs for members that reach a certain post goal or get the most engagement to your post. You can even offer perks to members who tag your association in a photo, use hashtags linked back to your association, or share photos and content from any event or conference they’ve attended. You can even incentivize your association’s mobile app (if it has and uses one).

This is an awesome way to get the word out while also appealing to your younger generation of members. You can use push notifications, key app features, and downloads to get everyone excited about your application. Your benefits say a lot about who your association is trying to attract as a member. Spruce up your current benefits with a few (or all) of our suggestions in order to attract a younger group of members and keep them around for the long haul.