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4 Email Writing Tricks Your Association Can Use to Wow Members

With the right email writing techniques on your side, you can continue to create interesting email campaigns that members and non-members alike will want to open and engage with.

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Email inboxes- they can get a bit hairy. We’re all victim to the tens to maybe hundreds of emails overflowing our inboxes every single week. And for associations, this can get frustrating when trying to properly reach members through an email message.

We’re no stranger to the topic of email engagement, but it seems like the work is never done. With every step forward you take to increase email engagement and get members attention, it seems like larger companies and email spam chains are right behind you. Inboxes aren’t getting any more sparse, so you’ll really have to put your all into email writing to hit it off with members. There are approximately 5.6 billion email users set to be active by 2019. That means not only do you have endless opportunities to approach anyone interested in what your association offers, but you’re also apart of the race to get attention from marketers all over the world. But with the right email technique, anything is possible.

As we’ve given tons of advice on how to design an email strategy and set up an email schedule, we’d like to get down to the core of authentic email writing and show you tips to keep things clear and impress members. Get ready to take notes as we show you 4 email writing tricks your association can use to keep your messages on the board.

1. Tailor emails to member interests

Giving members what they want in terms of email content is easy if you know what that is. Members should be able to choose the type of information they receive from your association. If they’re just getting general emails all the time or newsletters about topics that don’t interest them, you can be assured your emails will somehow find their way into the spam folder.

But if you want to keep their attention, you’ll have to start speaking their language. For this, your association should offer members the option to select the topics they care about when signing on for email updates. You can create topics like advocacy, industry news, career enhancement opportunities, event updates, and more. Anything you cover, members should be able to select it and learn more. Tailoring your email approach to the interests of members will save you the hassle of guessing at what kind of content they’ll enjoy.

2. Consider two types of email subscriptions

Some members may love the frequency in which you set up email campaigns. They want all the information you can give them, and as soon as possible. However, others may prefer a slow and steady approach to email updates. To appease everyone, you can consider creating two email lists to subscribe to: Low frequency and high frequency. With two different options, you’ll be sure to get the information out to those that want it without overwhelming those that do not.

Within your subscribe form fill, you can create a toggle box to have those interested choose an option of what they would like. For example, you can have individuals enter their emails and then choose options like “send me frequent emails, send me occasional emails, send me monthly emails” and so on and so forth. With varying subscription options, you’re putting the power of email influx in the hands of your audience.

3. Keep things concise

Want to get the message across to members in a way they’ll understand and remember? Keep things short and sweet, and cut out the fluff when it’s necessary. Of course, designing an amazing email with sparkling conversation and anecdotes members can dive into is great. But if you’re really trying to get across an important update or notification, you won’t want to bother email recipients with any extra language.

In order to do this, you’ll want to edit all email messages and parse down the amount of words you use. Get to the core of your message, take out any competing messages that could take the attention from members in an unwanted direction, and remove any overwhelming design to create the ultimate update email.

4. Keep subject lines different

Even if your association is one that sends out monthly newsletters and frequently similar emails, you always want to change up your subject lines. Subject lines are one of the most important parts of increasing email engagement. They’re the first thing members see when they look at their inbox, so they have to be interesting and eye catching. And with that being said, keeping similar or the same subject lines for your email campaigns can really turn members off from reading them over and over again. In order to do this, you’ll want to brainstorm unique ways to keep up with subject lines. For newsletters, you may want to base your subject line around the main topic of your newsletter, or highlight an article title included within the newsletter. For renewal emails, you’ll love trying out something that’s more personalized and eye catching rather than a simple “It’s Time to Renew” subject line.

Keeping the variety within your subject lines will help ramp up the excitement and interest within your email recipients. With the right email writing techniques on your side, you can continue to create interesting email campaigns that members and non-members alike will want to open and engage with.