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4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Focused on Recruiting

Here are 4 reasons why you should stay focused on recruiting during times of uncertainty. 

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For many organizations, this current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak means a lot of normal activities are being pushed aside or completely put on hold until more information is available or the threat has passed. One activity that may be put on hold is recruiting and hiring. However, to continue running smoothly, it is imperative to keep operations as normal as possible - and that includes recruitment efforts. 

It may not seem like hiring should be a top priority, but it is one of those functions that keeps organizations afloat during hectic times, and long into the future. Here are 4 reasons why you should stay focused on recruiting during times of uncertainty. 

1. Technology is your best recruitment tool

Since career fairs and industry events are being cancelled all over the globe, turn to technology for assistance. Job seekers are going to look to their associations for guidance and rely heavily on their online career centers for employment opportunities. Recruiters have a better chance of capturing top-tier candidates by utilizing association job boards that help increase visibility of open positions.

2. Less competition

Now is the time when many companies are going to put hiring on hold - but you don't want to be like them. Recruiting top talent has no "off-season" and requires attention all year round, even during difficult times. When your competitors reduce recruiting budgets and activity, their recruiting effectiveness decreases dramatically, giving your business a competitive advantage to obtain the best candidates. You will receive an influx of qualified candidates looking to add value to your company and help keep running business as normal as possible. 

3. More qualified candidates will be available

People are going to be worried about their livelihood, especially those who were job searching before the pandemic struck. This is a great opportunity to find highly qualified candidates that will strengthen your team since choices are limited. Look for leaders that thrive during stressful situations and have solutions to problems you are currently facing. The more resources you have, the better chances you have of coming out on top. 

4. Tough times make you stronger

When executives are tightening budgets, it forces you to focus more on metrics and determine waste. You'll better identify what your strong suits are, where you are lacking and what resources are being wasted. After analyzing the situation, you'll have a better understanding of where you need to focus your recruiting efforts and create a more efficient process for the future. 

A true test of your organization's resilience is the ability to withstand tough times. When things like this outbreak happen, it is crucial to stay focused and keep pushing forward with your normal day-to-day operations - your employees are counting on you. Think of the long term effects of recruiting - if you stop now, you can risk major setbacks to your businesses growth far into the future, when this time is just a moment in the history books. 

If you are interested in utilizing association job boards to recruit new employees, feel free to contact us anytime to request a demo.