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5 Website Features to Help Increase your Association’s Engagement

With so much focus on the digital world in today’s day and age, it’s more important now more than ever to make a long-lasting impression on online audiences. We’ve put together a list of 5 website features your association can take advantage of!

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Let’s face it, web technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With so much focus on the digital world in today’s day and age, it’s more important now more than ever to make a long lasting impression on online audiences.

That’s right, your association has to kick it into overdrive if it wants to be the main focus of your current and potential members. And while you may think your website is some of your best work, without proper updates and attention to digital trends, you can fall behind the rest of the online world. It’s completely up to your association to keep on top of web trends and create a website that all of its audience can enjoy and engage with. But that can be easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 website features your association can take advantage of in order to increase your engagement rates. These features are easy to apply, easy to use, and speak to a wide audience. It’s a foolproof way to make your association’s website stand out in members minds long after they’ve visited (hopefully helping them make the decision to sign on as a member!)

Without any further introduction, let’s get into these website features- and start making your association a tech mogul.

Events schedule

What better way to start than with something that’s already on the minds of every single association- events.

Events are a vital part of any association. They’re a way to get the word out about your mission and goals while also providing great resources for members (and sometimes non-members). A lot of time and effort goes into making events and conferences happen, so it only makes sense that you’d want high attendance rates. Keeping your events schedule present and proud on your association’s website is a feature that is often overlooked by most associations. But in fact, many website visitors are looking to your website to see exactly who you are and what you do. Why not present yourself by showing visitors the various events and conferences they can attend with your association?

Be sure to keep your event schedule up to date every time you add a new event or conference. This way, you never have audiences guessing where they can catch you in the future.

Visual content

When it comes to any website, content is king. And as far as visual content goes, it’s a great way to engage members without putting in a large amount of effort. And the effects are long lasting, too. According to Social Media Examiner, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business. That’s right, over a quarter of marketers believe that visual content is the most powerful form of content than any other source. So, it would make sense to put an emphasis on it for your website, right?

Creating appealing visual content can help your website stand out. If your association applies aesthetically pleasing design, colors, and font types into its website, you’re bound to see an increase in long lasting engagement. You can incorporate images and videos right into your association’s website layout. Think about the first image visitors will see on your website. Is it as dynamic and engaging as it could be? If not, it’s time to do some work. With visual content, you can ensure an easy way to get all eyes on your association’s website.

Update/Blog page

Want a way to keep your audience updated on the top industry-related news? A blog page is what you need to add. In the same report by Social Media Examiner, blogs were second to visual content as being the most important type of content to host. Blogs are a great way to use content marketing strategies to reach and engage your target audience- and they’re low/free of cost!

When it comes to creating a blog, you want to make sure all information you post is factual, relevant, and interesting for your audiences. Always create blog content with the interest of your members in mind. Be sure to add in media to your blog page to keep things exciting. Reading a solid page of text can be tedious and counterproductive for engaging members. But splitting up your text with other forms of content like photos and videos can keep the attention of your audience. You also want to use your blog as a source of current news for your audience. If you can provide updates in the industry with accuracy and speed, you can actually gain the trust of your audience. A blog is a sure fire way to enhance the credibility of your association’s site.

Mobile optimization

Did you know 80% of online users own a smartphone? It’s true, and with that much of a focus on mobile use, it’s time your website gets optimized for mobile devices.

Having a mobile-friendly website will help you association target those web users who opt to do their browsing via phone or tablet. It also shows your audience that you have an eye on technology trends and can be a mobile-savvy force. With a mobile website, you want to make sure your website translates over well. Everything should be visible and easy to navigate for your visitors. So, be sure to work with site developers to create a format that works well on every mobile device. You also should make sure your mobile site has every bit of functionality as your traditional web page. You don’t want to frustrate users by not including all functions on your mobile site. Optimizing your website for mobile use can take your association’s traffic rates from good to great.

Career center

If you’re an association who prides itself on being a professional resource for members, a career center is essential. Finding both engaging job positions and qualified candidates can seem almost impossible. It takes a lot of hard work and even a long time for your members. So, why not make their lives easier (while also gaining some serious revenue) by incorporating a career center into your association’s website?

Adding a career center to your website doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, there are many tools and software that can make the process easy (like ours).With a career center on your website, members can enjoy the perks of getting only the top job listings in their industry delivered to them with  no extra effort. It’s a great addition for any association looking to give their members more career resources. Consider adding a career center on your association’s website and see what kind of non-dues revenue opportunities you’ve been missing out on.

Don’t let your association’s website fall behind on the times. Incorporate these 5 features into your site and your engagement rates are sure to increase.