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Bringing Engagement to Your Association’s Videos: 3 Marketing Tips

‍Thinking about the visual marketing aspect of your association can really help you work on how to appeal to members and audiences visually.‍ Getting members to engage with your online video content can be easy by using these three steps.

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Thinking about starting a video series of your own that your association’s members will love? You’re not alone. Imagining, creating, and promoting videos from your association can help you boost the engagement you receive on your content. And with video sharing platforms like YouTube hosting 1.9 billion active monthly users, it’s clear that there is a growing market of interested viewers no matter your association’s industry.

So how can you cash in on the member engagement that’s waiting out there for you? With a few simple tips, it’s easier than you think. Even though video sharing platforms are so saturated and so quickly growing, you’ll be able to find ways to optimize your video content so that members and interested audiences can find, enjoy, and engage with. Sit back and relax as we bring you 3 marketing and optimization techniques that your association can use for its video content.

1. Use keywords

If your association is one that already creates online content, you should know how important using the right keywords is for engagement and optimization. But did you also know that keywords can be used to market your videos? It’s true.

Finding keywords that are search engine friendly can take a little bit of research. However, those new to the world of keywords can use special tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner to help in the keyword search process. You can also look into similar videos and categories that your association is covering and see what type of keywords these videos use to better guide your marketing process. When using keywords, it all comes down to trial and error. Thinking of alternative keywords can help the creative process and really zone in on the content of your video. Coming up with different words to use alongside key words like “how to”, “best practices”, and “tutorial” can also help align your target keyword to your content.

Using the right keywords can help your videos reach the audience of your choice.

2. Think about titles

Again, this tip can be universally used for all content, not just your association’s videos. However, coming up with titles that are both to the point yet descriptive is key for smarter marketing. Going back to keywords, including your target keyword in your video title is a must.

If you want your video to go a long way engagement wise, you’re going to want to place that keyword anywhere you can - and that especially includes the title. Continuing on, making sure your video title is short enough to catch the eyes of your audience without being confusing or not enough information is a process that takes practice, but is a necessity. Take the work necessary to formulate titles that are short yet concise. Keeping your title under 60 characters can help the entire title show up on video hosting platforms typically, so keep this in mind. After all, you don’t want to put work into your title for it to be cut off in search engines. And finally, you want to make sure your title makes sense to your video content. Using shocking titles that portray false information can leave viewers confused and a bit upset if the video they’re watching does not reflect the title they were intrigued by. Stay away from clickbait that does not serve the purpose of your video content.

3. Video design

How is your video going to show up on search engines? Is it going to cut to a random, uninteresting frame? Or is it going to catch the eyes of audiences in a positive and engaging way? When it comes to video design, your association should consider what the first frame of your video that audiences will see when searching will be. This is where custom thumbnails comes into play. Following certain rules and guidelines, your association can design an image of its own that reflects its video content and interests audiences.

You should also think about the actual setup of your space when recording videos. With proper lighting, a clear and simple backdrop/background, and a good recording device for audio, you can be sure to deliver the best quality of video that markets itself to members. Say goodbye to any distractions or hindrances in your video design!

Thinking about the visual marketing aspect of your association can really help you work on how to appeal to members and audiences visually.

Getting members to engage with your online video content can be easy by using these three steps. If you’d like to learn more about video marketing tips, Hootsuite also has a great article going into more detail. Learn more about marketing for your videos and your association will increase engagement in no time!