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Email Onboarding Campaigns for Associations: Tips to Seal the Deal

Onboarding new members to your association is a big deal. You’re welcoming a new fledge of eager individuals into your organization, showing them the ropes, and allowing them to find their footing as a brand new member.

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Want to make sure your new members get the best first impression of your association when it’s time to sign on for the fun? Of course you do. Onboarding new members to your association is a big deal. You’re welcoming a new fledge of eager individuals into your organization, showing them the ropes, and allowing them to find their footing as a brand new member. So,

So, how is this done? With the right onboarding program in place, you’ll have no problem giving new member the warm welcome they’re looking for. While you may think the first step in an onboarding program is getting to speak to them one on one, the truth of the matter is there are many steps before this that you may not even think about. And one of the biggest first impressions new members will be greeted with is the obligatory “welcome home” email. Setting up an email onboarding campaign for your association is crucial for the early development of a healthy member-staff relationship.

And with that being said, there are plenty of ways your association can create a campaign that will give new members the proper start they need before you get to actually spend that personal time introducing them. Let’s take a look at some tips on how your association can create an email onboarding campaign that will help seal the deal with new members. After reading this article, you should be able to put together a message that new members will feel welcomed by.

Start with a plan

Just like any good email marketing campaign you send out to engage and retain members, your onboarding email should start with a lot of research and brainstorming. If this is your first time creating an email message for new members, you may feel overwhelmed. How should you address them? Are you going to make the best impression possible? What sort of things should they be greeted with in terms of information? There are a lot of questions you might have, and that’s completely normal when starting any type of new project. The best way to start is to do your research. Research who your target audience is, what they’re looking for in your association, how other associations greet their new members via email, and anything else that you have questions about.

You can also use other email templates you find in your research to help you outline your own onboarding email. Don’t be afraid to let others who have paved the way in proper new member communication influence the way you onboard yours!

Add that personal flare

Once you have a decent idea of where you’d like to take your onboarding email campaign, it’s time to get down to the brass tax- and start addressing new members on a personal level. As we know, adding a personal touch to your member communication can take your messages the extra mile with those you’re contacting. Members, no matter new or current, are looking to know that their participation and involvement matters to your association. They want to have that one on one connection with your staff that lets them know you recognize them as an individual rather than one large group.

Personalizing your onboarding email campaign is key. It gives you that head start on having a personal connection with new members. It also shows them that your association takes the time to infuse a personal touch from the get go. So, it’s important that your association incorporates some personal details into its email campaign. This can be done in a few different ways. You can start by addressing new members by their name both in the subject line and in the email introduction. You can also include small personal details that you may know about members throughout the email to show you care about getting to know more about them.

Personalization adds that extra pack of punch to your onboarding campaign, so don’t send your email out to new members without it.

Set up email automation

If your association is looking to set up an onboarding campaign that consists of more than one message along the way, you may want to think about automating your emails. While one warm welcome email can do the trick in terms of leaving a good first impression, a chain of strategically scheduled emails can guide your new members through the first few months of their time, giving them friendly tips and checking in along the way.

Your first email can start off with a warm welcome. Let your members know they’ve made a great choice by joining your association, and give them the materials they need to take the next step forward. Then, after this you can check in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with emails that can take them deeper and deeper into the benefits of their membership. With marketing automation, you can set up a myriad of guideline emails and schedule them to send to new members at exactly the right time, saving your association the hassle of having to remember to send emails on time and check in. You know what they say: Set it and forget it!

With an email onboarding campaign, your association can make sure that members are greeted properly from the very second they send their registration in. Make sure their first impression with your organization is a positive one by using our tips to a better member onboarding program.