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How Social Media Tools can Help Grow Your Association’s Email List

Engaging your association’s members, potential new members, and interested audiences on social media could lead you to the email list you’ve been searching for. Check out these tips and see how your email campaigns thrive.

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Did you know that at least 91% of consumers check their email every day? That’s right- so get your association’s email list in check if you want your messages read.

Growing your email list isn’t a new phenomenon for associations. In fact, chances are that your association already has a pretty extensive email marketing strategy and have been using email as a primary communication source over and over. But if you know the power of having a great email list, then you’d probably like to grow your own list to its full potential. So, let’s talk about how social media can come into play. With a multitude of options and sources to help your association grow its email list, social media may be the last on your mind.

We’re here to tell you that it actually has more power than you may expect in order to get your email campaigns out to a wider audience. Social media is a hot spot for member and potential new member activity, so we’d like to teach you how to harness that power and use it for the good of growing your association’s email list. If you’re an association that relies heavily on email communication for engagement, this one’s for you. Let’s get started.

Facebook Pages

We’d like to start off by talking about the number one social media platform- Facebook. With 2.2 billion active users on a monthly basis worldwide, it’s hard to ignore the power Facebook has for companies and organizations looking to expand their horizons.

But what can Facebook do for your email list that you aren’t aware of? It’s all in the features of your association’s Facebook Page. Running a Facebook Page is a great way to give members another outlet to stay connected, but it also hosts a variety of features that can help your association grow in other aspects. For example, let’s think about photo content for a second. Your Facebook Page allows you the option to set up a cover photo. You can use this to promote many things about your association- including your email campaigns. Want to encourage Facebook visitors to sign up for your email newsletter? Create a cover image to do so. Prompting members visually can have a great impact, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

Similarly, you can also place call-to-action buttons and links all over your Facebook. Posting links to join your email list on your Facebook Page can get the word out about all of the fun things audiences can subscribe to. Often times, visitors on Facebook may be coming for the first time, so it’s nice to give them access to more information about what you do.

Premium Content Previews

Want another way to promote your emails to audiences on social media platforms? Consider posting snippets and previews of your content on any social media channel of your choice.

Social media allows us the opportunity to share photos, videos, written text, and much more, which is perfect for any association looking to create dynamic content that markets itself. This is why creating marketing messages that highlight your email perks is great in terms of sharing on social media.

Gating your premium content with email sign-up pages will help you get a better list of email subscribers, which is exactly what you want if you’re looking to grow your membership. Be sure to have a form fill set up on your association’s website for your content to make sure those interested subscribe to get emails and stay connected. By previewing valuable offers on your social media channels, you’ll have the power of persuasion to get members on board with your email campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Want to have the email list of your association’s dreams? Then you may have to invest a few dollars. Luckily for you, advertising on social media is relatively a low-cost outlet that can produce effective results. With advertising options on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn being so cost effective, many organizations are turning to social media to reach a wider audience. So why shouldn’t you? Investing in Facebook Ads is a great way to go for those associations with a large target audience on this social media platform. Facebook provides an intuitive ad platform that’s easy to navigate for even the technologically challenged. It allows you to create custom target audiences, upload custom ad campaigns, track how your ads are performing, and manage how your money is being spent.

Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn also have very similar and easy to use advertising platforms if your association chooses to use them. Depending on your industry and where your audience hangs out, you have plenty of advertising channels to reach them and get them on your email list. So, if you want to see results in growing your email list, don’t rule out low-cost advertising on social media.

Engaging your association’s members, potential new members, and interested audiences on social media could lead you to the email list you’ve been searching for. Try using our tips and see how your email campaigns thrive.