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3 Amazing Tips for Recruiting Millennial Volunteers

Millennials are an essential part of any association and the workforce in general. So how can your association recruit and create a lasting bond? Read on to learn more!

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It seems like we can’t hear enough about the importance of a Millennial membership for associations. Yes, Millennials are an essential part of any association. In fact, they’re an essential part of the workforce in general. In 2015, it was reported that more than one-in-three workers in America were Millennials. Even though that number seems high, it’s predicted that the Millennial labor force will only increase in the near future.

So maybe your association knows about the power of Millennials and what they can bring to a membership. However, did you know there were other ways to incorporate Millennials to your association? This is where the Millennial volunteer comes into play.

Any volunteer engagement you have in an association is appreciated, but a Millennial volunteer has a lot to gain from. According to the Millennial impact report, 73% of Millennials volunteered for a nonprofit organization in the year 2012. That’s more than half! It seems like Millennials are looking to get out there and spend their time making an impact. So, we know that Millennials are looking to donate their time, and we know that they’re extremely valuable to the association world. How can you attract them to volunteer at your association? And in what ways can you entice them to stick around to become a member?

We’ll explain why Millennials make good volunteers, how you can recruit them to your association, and how you can create a lasting bond that just might turn into a membership.

The importance of a Millennial volunteer.

We’ve all heard the general stereotypes of the Millennial. They’re stubborn, narcissistic, and completely obsessed with their phones, right? Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, while the average Millennial owns on average 7.7 connected devices, they have other interests. In fact, According to EventBrite 75% of Millennials value experience over ownership. And that’s not all, Millennials are known as the generation who seek to do less harm and promote more good in their lifetime. What may seem like a selfish lifestyle is just the Millennial looking for the right opportunity to donate their time and energy.

Providing Millennials the proper outlet to volunteer can mean huge success for your association and its volunteer recruitment efforts.

It was reported in 2016 that 46% of Millennials volunteered for a cause or organization they care about in one month. While that doesn’t seem like much, it’s important to know that Millennials value their time and money similarly. Any volunteerism done by Millennials means they strongly care for your association and its missio.

If Millennials can’t donate to a cause, volunteering is the next best option for them. You want to show them that a relationship with your association provides benefits for both parties. Now that we know how invested Millennials are in charity and volunteerism, here’s how to recruit them to your association’s team.

Create a killer call-to-action.

When it comes to attracting Millennials, you need to keep your volunteer programs cause-oriented. Millennials want to know exactly how they’re making an impact when it comes to causes they care about. You need to be up front and specific about what your association’s event/program will achieve in order to keep them focused. One way to do this is to create a sheet of important information and facts about your association and its outreach.

For example, does your association help families in need? What about its ecological impact? Are there any cold, hard numbers you can present to volunteers in order to wrap their head around their mission?

List out your association’s achievements and goals on one sheet and make sure Millennial volunteers can find it. Or, better yet, lead them to a section on your association’s website with this information. We all know how Millennials feel about technology.

Create a killer call-to-action that entices your younger generation. You want a strong verb to encourage them to take an interest in your association’s offer. You also want to use words that provoke a sense of urgency in your offer. Something like, “Join our team and make a difference today!”

Use advanced marketing strategies.  

According to AdAge, Millennials spend up to 25 hours a week online in some form. So, how do you think you should reach them when marketing? Chances are, it should be online. One thing to think about is the importance of a mobile ad. In general, mobile device views surpassed desktop views way back in 2016. It’s clear that mobile is the way to go, not just for Millennials but in general. Creating your marketing plan around a mobile strategy will ensure you reach Millennials (and anyone else looking to volunteer)Reaching them through content marketing is also an effective way to find the right audience. This white paper by BazaarVoice states that 84% of Millennials claim content has an influence on what they purchase. In addition, Forbes states that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content. It’s clear that in order to reach millennials, you have to create useful content while also being honest. So, what’s the best way to do this?

One way is to collect member testimonials from your membership. Reach out to members and ask them to provide a short summary of how volunteering with your association impacted them. You want real stories from members who’ve experience your association’s volunteer programs. Another way is to make your content easy to share. Since Millennials take so well to social media technology, you want to make your volunteer offers shareable on any social site. What better way to recruit millennial volunteers than to have them do it for you?

Tailor your marketing efforts towards the habits of Millennials and you’ll have a better chance of scoring them as volunteers.

Keep in contact after volunteering ends.

Just because your volunteer program ends doesn’t mean your connection with those volunteers should.

One of the best ways to recruit millennials as members is to keep that communication consistent after their volunteer time is up. Let them know you still have something to offer them if they’d like to become a member. One way to do this is to send monthly emails with content offers inside. You can send newsletters, free guides, or even discounts to upcoming events. Make sure they feel welcome to come back to your association any time. Another way is to send them thank you letter or small gifts for volunteering. 56% of Millennials are more likely to give their volunteer time if they are offered an incentive for it.

Since Millennials are so career-oriented, it might be effective to send them an invite to a career development workshop or seminar. Gifting them opportunities that will advance their professional life is a win-win situation for everyone. When Millennials are ready, allow them to access your membership offers easily. Make sure they’re visible on your website or directly mail them any membership offers available. A personalized offer could help let your volunteers know you remember their face and want them to come back!

Millennials don’t just have to be valuable in a membership position. You can work with this younger generation to create a strong team of volunteers, ready to tackle your association’s mission. Try incorporating these tips into your volunteer recruitment plan and see how the ambition of Millennials can work for you.