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What Every Association’s New Member Packet Needs to Have

‍Taking the time to create a new member packet that will matter to newcomers will have a lasting first impression on members. Incorporate these tips into your association’s new member packet will help jumpstart your relationship with new members

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We all know how exciting welcoming a new member to your association can be.  You’ve worked hard to recruit a new audience, and now that hard work has finally paid off. But now what? When it comes to new members, you don’t want them to feel lost in all of your association’s great offers. They need a warm welcome and a nudge in the right direction. This is where the importance of a new member packet comes in. A new member packet is one of the first impressions new members will have with your association. It’s the first time you’ll be able to engage with any newcomers- so you want to make it count.

Think of a new member packet as a roadmap to your association. It shows new members where they can go with their membership and how to get there. And with that comparison in mind, no one likes a confusing map. So, is there a way to make your new member packet the perfect welcoming gift? We’ll show you what every association’s new member packet should have in order to make any new member’s journey fun and easy.

Start with a warm welcome

A member packet is full of valuable information for new members. But sometimes, too much information can get overwhelming. One way to make your member packet seem less intimidating is to start off by welcoming new members. A personalized welcome letter is a great start to a new member packet. It allows members to hear from your association right away. It also lets them get a sense of what information they can expect from your new member packet.

Start your welcome letter by letting new members know how excited you are to get to know them. You want to show that you’re just as eager to be apart of their experience as they are. Once you’ve expressed your excitement to your new members, guide them through the rest of the member packet. You can do this with a simple, “enclosed in this letter please find-”. Don’t let any of the information inside be a surprise to them.

To close the letter, provide any contact information they may need. New members should feel like they can find your association if they have any problems or concerns. If your association has a customer service line, a mailing address, or an email, include it in the welcome letter. Send your letter off with a signature or a personalized stamp. This is a small touch that creates a big impact with new members. Your welcome letter will start new members off on the right foot with your association.

Give members a clear schedule.

Your newcomers have read your welcome letter, and now they’re ready for more. Move them in the right direction by providing a calendar of events and important dates. An events schedule shows new members what they have to look forward to in the near future. If you give newcomers an early look at when events are , it could lead to an increase in event attendance. It also helps new members feel more comfortable about going to their first event.

Going to a first event can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone there. You don’t want members to get too nervous to show up. If you send them an events calendar, it can convey them that you want to see them at your next event. Your events calendar should have every event available to new members on it. This gives them a chance to make any plans they need in order to attend. It’s also important to include any other important dates in a calendar for new members. Have an important guest speaker scheduled? What about a time sensitive offer? Anything members would find valuable should be put on their calendar so they can take full advantage of it.

List out every benefit.

While your new members joined your association for a reason, sometimes they’re not aware of every single benefit you have to offer them.I ncluding a list of benefits in your association’s member packet ensures your new members will have every offer right at their fingertips. In other words, it removes all obstacles separating new members from any benefit they find valuable. It’s also a great way to get new members talking.

If they see an amazing benefit they weren’t expecting to get, they might be inclined to share the news with others. Provide newcomers a complete list of benefits at the start. This can include webinar offers, event discounts, career development workshops, etc. Any little perk that your association can offer is something that should be shared with new members. Don’t let new members miss out on incredible offers. Introduce them to your benefits early in their membership.

Make paying dues and renewing easy.

Finances can be stressful for anyone, but your association’s new member packet should take some of that stress away. Instructions on any financial information are a great thing to provide in a new member packet. How do members pay their dues? Can they pay online? These are all questions that should be answered in your member packet. This can save a lot of frustration for newcomers once dues need to be paid in the future. You should also include due dates. You never want payments to be a shock to new members. You can include due dates either on the calendar of events or in the finances section of information. You can also include information on how to access payment records, how to pay online, and any other payment process that could need further explanation. If you can predict the answers to your new member’s questions, you can save them time and confusion when it comes time to pay dues.

A gift goes a long way.

Your members are heading into a brand new experience with your association. Turn up the excitement by including a few merchandised items in your member packet. Why is this important? Well, including branded items such as keychains, pens, or anything your association has is a great marketing technique. If new member receive items from your new member packet, they might feel inclined to share some of the products with friends, family, or coworkers. This move is a great way to spark up some valuable word-of-mouth marketing. Another item to include is a free pamphlet or guide. A free informational offer will allow new members to start benefiting from your association right away. Make sure to let them know about any additional guides, eBooks, or checklists available on your association’s website too.

Take the time to create a new member packet that will matter to newcomers. You want a new member packet that is both a sign of gratitude and a useful kit to get members started. While it may seem like a tedious process, new members will love to see their packet in the mail. Incorporating these tips into your association’s new member packet will help jumpstart your relationship with new members.