Guide members through every step of their career

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Accelerate your members' careers with personalized, interactive Career Paths

Career advancement is a top reason for joining an association. Give your members the tools they want and need to take their next step in their career.
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Customized career planning

Your members are able to build a map of the different tracks they could take on their journey to their dream career. Job seekers are able to see how their current skills match up to the skills needed of the desired position and can always stay in the know with job alerts.

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Extensive, localized salary data

Inspire and motivate members with extensive and localized salary information that is aggregated and made available daily.

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Access unlimited job descriptions

With nearly unlimited job descriptions available, members are able to narrow down the exact job title and role they aspire to have and gain the insights necessary to get there. Members can see which companies are hiring for the jobs they are interested in the most.

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Provide training and education

Knowledge is power. Give members the exact training, education and experience they need to achieve their current and future career goals.

Make your association the source for career planning

A member's career  journey is often fragmented, with members looking to a variety resources for help. With a Career Hub, your association can build meaningful, lasting relationships with members by providing them with helpful resources and creating experiences to empower them to reach their goals at any stage in their career - all in one place.

At Web Scribble, our data goes beyond the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Members are able to search, plan and apply for the career of their dreams, without ever leaving your association's website.
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Explore opportunities with Career Guides

Give members deep insight into any career that they want to explore during their job search. Combine Career Guides with Career Paths and give members the ultimate career planning tool without ever leaving your association's website!
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Detailed salary, benefits, skills, education and experience data for each specific job title
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Gathers data from 12,000+ sources, with over 225k data points
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