Texas Academy of Physician Assistants

Case Study
Since launch, nearly 6,000 job seekers have registered
Job postings saw a 25% increase in 2021, compared to 2020
48% increase in non-dues revenue within the first year of launch


To make a positive legislative impact for PAs, the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants must amplify its voice and advocacy efforts despite having fewer members. TAPA members often found job postings for roles that could be filled by either PAs or NPs, resulting in fewer opportunities specifically for PAs. Additionally, before partnering with Web Scribble, TAPA experienced a decline in non-dues revenue and sought a revenue-sharing pricing strategy that would benefit both TAPA and their job board provider


The strategic partnership with Web Scribble involves regular meetings for planning, reviewing, and strategizing improvements to the career center, ensuring continuous enhancement. TAPA has a single point of contact for all career center-related matters, streamlining communication. Web Scribble crafted a customized career center that offers a seamless, user-friendly experience for both job seekers and employers. Additionally, Web Scribble integrates directly with iMIS, TAPA’s Association Management System, enabling a smooth sign-in process for members.


The continuous relationship building and superior customer service from Web Scribble enhanced the career center’s effectiveness. Regular meetings ensured ongoing improvements, addressed questions, and planned future initiatives. TAPA has a platform for new ideas and the support to implement them. Additionally, TAPA receives non-dues revenue payments, ensuring quicker and more consistent payments. This consistent communication and collaboration have increased user satisfaction and successfully solved problems.
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“I find the work that Web Scribble does on the platform to be highly beneficial, it's very well managed, and our sales revenues are excellent."
Sheila T. Costa
MA, PMP - Alliance For Academic Internal Medicine
“Working with Web Scribble has been a great experience and has made my job easier! Our members now have access to an easy-to-use job board and we’re continually growing our number of employers and job seekers.”
Nicole Goodman
Senior Marketing and Sales Manager
“Web Scribble personnel proved to be very professional throughout the transition process and made the whole process seamless and hassle-free. The continuous communications and guidance from Web Scribble was very helpful and educational. The career center platform was found to be user- friendly with a great variety of useful reports furthering the goal of our Society to provide this valuable benefit of jobs search and postings to our members.”
Olga Loukina
CPA, Director of Finance and HR
“It was effortless to work with a dedicated Web Scribble team. They made everyone’s jobs easier by assisting with the integration of our technology platforms since we don’t have in-house technical experience.”
Jennifer Nelson
Marketing & Sales

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