Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Web Scribble: Our Internal and External Commitment

Our Vision

At Web Scribble, we understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to our success as a leading technology firm and as a community influencer.
We recognize that our human talent, with its diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, is our most valuable asset. This collective diversity fuels our innovation, shapes our reputation, and drives the success of our products. Our commitment extends beyond fostering an inclusive company culture—it's about integrating these values into the products and services we offer, influencing the broader employment marketplace.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Embracing Diversity

We firmly believe that the strength of a team lies in its diversity and we recognize and celebrate the unique differences of our employees. Our  initiatives are reflected and documented in our internal practices, from product development to recruitment, compensation, professional development, and more.

Our impact grows beyond simply connecting job seekers with employers. We strive to create a platform where diversity is celebrated and all individuals, regardless of their background, feel valued and understood. Through our career centers, we aim to break down barriers that hinder inclusivity in the workplace - providing tools and resources that support a diverse job market.

Our platforms are designed to be accessible and welcoming to everyone, ensuring that every member of the association and every employer can benefit from a rich tapestry of perspectives and skills.

Promoting Equity

At Web Scribble, we're committed to equity at every opportunity. Our dedication is reflected in our fair practices in hiring, promotions, compensation, and professional development. We aim for our team to showcase the diverse communities we serve, ensuring equal opportunities for all, especially underrepresented groups.

Our internal processes are designed to be unbiased, promote transparency and fairness. We invest in our team's growth through personalized development opportunities, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to advance.

This commitment extends to our career center products. We encourage inclusive job listings and equitable hiring practices, ensuring our platforms are accessible to all job seekers, including those from underrepresented groups. We strive to create a job market where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Cultivating Inclusion

At Web Scribble, we're dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. Our approach emphasizes respectful communication, teamwork, and work/life balance, ensuring every team member can thrive. We expect everyone to embody these principles of inclusion, both professionally and personally.

Our commitment extends to our career center products, designed to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the job market. We encourage inclusive job listings and support equitable hiring practices, making our platforms welcoming for all job seekers. Our tools are aimed at helping employers appreciate the benefits of a diverse hiring.

Cultural Impact

Our journey is guided by intentional policies and practices designed to ensure that everyone at Web Scribble can thrive.

Awareness Training

Fostering a deeper understanding of inclusive behaviors and policies, all employees are required to complete annual training, reinforcing our commitment to a diverse workplace.

Community Engagement

Our team members and partners are encouraged to contribute to the communities we serve, promoting greater understanding and respect for the power of diverse ideas.


Conduct that reflects exclusion or disrespect is not tolerated at Web Scribble. Moreover, we provide channels for employees to report discrimination, deliver feedback and engage with leadership, ensuring that our inclusivity policies are lived values.

Our DEI Workgroup Initiative and Leadership Commitment

Our DEI efforts are propelled by a dedicated workgroup and the unwavering support of our leadership, including adherence to the CEO Action Plan for Diversity & Inclusion. This includes cultivating open dialogues on DEI, expanding unconscious bias education, and sharing our DEI journey openly to foster learning and accountability.

Ongoing Commitment

Web Scribble's commitment to diversity is an evolving and continual journey of improvement, marked by regular updates on our progress and our policies, including salary equity, employee engagement, and demographic diversity. We understand and are committed to the importance of transparency and accountability in achieving our goals and meeting expectations of our users, clients, partners and employees.
At Web Scribble, people are more than a policy—human talent is a core value that influences every aspect of our business. From how we build our teams to how we design our products, we're committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in employment in order to help build a stronger future for all.