Dive deeper into member insights

Through tight integration with iMIS, users can track and manage career data, activity data, and product purchases to gain a comprehensive picture of member interactions.

A track record of success

By harnessing the power of an engagement platform, and delivering everything members need to grow their careers in one place, members will enjoy a seamless member experience and will spend even more time within your association community as you fulfill all of their professional needs.
Learn how Women Leaders in College Sports was able to leverage the iMIS integration to obtain meaningful and actionable insights to grow their association.

Provide deep member insight with engagement scoring and data syncing

This integration with iMIS enables clients to track and manage career data in relation to membership profiles, with job board activity being sent automatically to iMIS for use in Engagement Scoring.

Provide a seamless and personalized member experience

With our Single Sign-On feature, job seekers and employers can effortlessly log in to our job board using their iMIS account credentials without any hassle. Added bonus- employers get special member pricing! 
As soon as the users log in, their profile data is swiftly imported into our job board, speeding up the profile creation process. Plus, our job board's easy and dedicated navigation makes it a breeze for members to find exactly what they need to take the next step in their career.

Increase member acquisition, member retention, and non-dues revenue

Your association can increase non-dues revenue and build an accessible employer network while creating more opportunities for members through job postings, segmented communications and content, and reminders of the value of membership.

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