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10 Articles Your Association Needs to Read to Understand AI

There are tons of articles out there talking about the power of AI, but here at Web Scribble, we only want you to focus on the best information possible.

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Artificial intelligence: It seems like that’s the topic on everyone’s mind these days. And there’s a reason. Whether you love what artificial intelligence can do, or you’re intimidated by it, there’s no doubt that AI is a powerful source of technology that can seriously enhance the way your association functions. But how does artificial intelligence actually work? In what ways can your association use it to its advantage and boost its overall success?

There are tons of articles out there talking about the power of AI, but here at Web Scribble, we only want you to focus on the best information possible. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best articles on artificial intelligence for associations (and a little something for publishers and job board owners as well!)These articles are approved by us to give your association everything it needs to know in order to incorporate AI into its daily routine. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Associations Now - What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Your Members?

Associations Now never fails to deliver only the best, up-to-date information to its readers. Whether it’s about marketing, association trends, non-dues revenue, or any other relevant topic, readers can be sure to leave their articles feeling satisfied and in the know. This is why their article on artificial intelligence is a must for our list. Not only is it an article on the power of AI, but it’s specifically a member-focused piece. This ensures associations can use AI to bring a better membership experience to their members. The article gives readers three different examples of how AI can be used to enhance an association’s membership. That means there are three different strategies for any reader to incorporate into their association. The article also offers advice from Thad Lurie, a CAE certified professional. Lurie gives valuable quotes and advice for associations eager to get into the AI game. This articles is a must-read for any association looking to incorporate AI into their member benefits.

2. TEDBlog- How will AI change our lives in the near future?

This TEDBlog is on artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they will impact the future. Gain insight from three experts to hear their thoughts on how AI will change our lives in the coming years.

3. ASAE - Artificial Intelligence for Associations: Is It Worth the Hype?

ASAE asks the question that’s on all of our minds: Is artificial intelligence really all it’s cracked up to be? The article, which can only be accessed by signing in or registering for an ASAE account, is a great read about the worth of artificial intelligence and how effective it can be for any association. ASAE takes artificial intelligence and strips it of it’s sensationalism, inspecting it at its core and predicting from there the future for associations. The article also gives a general tip on how associations should approach the idea of AI. We highly recommend readers to register for an account and take a look at this article.

4. Forbes - What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean for Nonprofit Organizations?

Forbes, a highly popular blog for business trends, takes a crack at the AI debate with their article on the impact on nonprofits. The reason we love this article is the approach. Forbes takes on both sides of the debate, calling on both the excitement for AI by Microsoft and the fear of AI by the notorious Elon Musk. It then begs the question: So now what? The article then speaks on the basics of artificial intelligence and presents real life examples on how the technology can be used in many different ways. This makes the entire concept of AI a reality for readers. Finally, the article speaks on the insight of AI, something that many articles on this topic have not touched on thus far. Forbes breaks down the way AI can understand and break down data and analytics in order to benefit your nonprofit or association. Take a look at Forbes article to see the entire spectrum of the artificial intelligence debate.

5. ANA - “AI” Voted ANA Marketing Word of The Year for 2017

While this is a press release rather than a blog article, ANA’s post is still worth mentioning when it comes to the power of AI. On December 6, 2017 the Marketing Word of the Year was announced by ANA. 403 ANA members joined together in order to pick the word that stood out among the rest- and that word (or words) was artificial intelligence. The press release explains the reasoning behind their decision, going into the growing usage and popularity of the term within the recent year. ANA also goes on to give examples where AI is used. This includes high-performing companies like IBM, Apple, and Amazon as well as others. Even a press release can give an insight into artificial intelligence and your association, so we recommend giving this one a look.

6. Growth Zone - What is AI and How Do Associations Use It?

Growth Zone’s very recent article on AI is a go-to guide on all there is to know for any association. The article is a short, concise, and very valuable look into exactly what artificial intelligence is in terms of association work. It speaks on the features AI comes with, such as speech recognition and problem-solving technology. It also breaks down AI for associations and explains exactly where artificial intelligence is beneficial to use for any association. If you’re looking for a great read that will save some time as well, you’ll love Growth Zone’s article.

7. AMA - How Marketers are Using Conversation Intelligence and AI Today to Win in 2022

Looking to learn more about AI from a marketing perspective? Tune into this on-demand webinar! AI is rapidly changing the buying journey for today’s digital-first consumers, and marketers are in the drivers’ seat of this transformational change. With increased market competition, brands only get one chance to get the buying experience “right.” These customer engagement opportunities have become the latest battleground in customer acquisition. Many marketers have turned to AI to uncover new sources of first-party data — including conversation intelligence — to get full visibility into the online-to-offline customer journey, attribute sales to marketing campaigns, and most importantly, take immediate action on insights extracted from customer conversations.

8. NP Engage - Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofits and other Social Good Organizations

NP Engage covers not only the basics of artificial intelligence in this blog article, but the past, present, and future impact as well. For example, did you know one of the most defining moments in artificial intelligence technology started in the 1950s at Dartmouth College? That’s right, AI dates back that far, and NP Engage is here to cover every second of it. If you’re looking to see exactly how AI has impacted the technology world before you dive into using it, this is a great article to read. This blog can help any association on the fence make an informed decision about AI. Check out what NP Engage had to say about the impact of artificial intelligence for nonprofits and other organizations.

9. Undercover Recruiter - Meet Google’s New AI-Powered Job Search Engine

This article is perfect for anyone who has or is looking to host a job board on their company website (like our job board software- check it out here!) Undercover Recruiter’s blog talks all about the focus Google has on AI software and how they’ve used it to empower job seekers and employers alike. It takes direct quotes from Google’s team as well as quotes from Google’s competitors in order to get both sides of the debate. The article then goes on to discuss what Google’s AI-focused platform means for job recruiters, important information for anyone with a job board on their website. Check out Undercover Recruiter’s blog to get the inside scoop on how Google uses AI to optimize job searches.

10. Publishing Executive - A Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Publishers

Last, but not least, we have a blog post that focuses on how artificial intelligence can benefit specifically publishers. Publishers have a very specific market, and therefore are looking for features that are just as specific. Publishing Executive goes over all of those features in order to give publishers an insight on using AI. This article discusses how AI can be used for things like content creation, content analysis, website conversion, and many more. It’s a complete guide to the use of artificial intelligence in order to boost success rates for any publisher.

If you’re a publisher, or if you’re just looking for tips on how to use AI for content marketing practices, this blog is perfect for you. So, there you have it. 10 articles that take every aspect of artificial intelligence and break them down for readers on any level. Hopefully, you’ve found an article that helps you find a way to incorporate AI into your association’s future success.