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2 Effective Website Integrations That Drive Traffic to Your Career Center

Taking the time to use your website as a marketing tool will prove to drive traffic and ultimately improve engagement on the platform. Let's learn more about implementing job widgets and landing pages into your career center marketing strategy!

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Directing traffic to your career center from your website is one of the most effective marketing tactics associations can implement to increase awareness and improve engagement. Since many members and non-members regularly visit your website for information updates, it’s an easy way to let them know you offer this service without overwhelming them through email blasts and social media posts.

In our webinar, Drive Member Engagement and Revenue by Marketing Your Career Center (post COVID-19), we discussed on the importance of “taking up real estate” on your association website with job widgets and landing pages to market your career center to website visitors. Implementing this marketing initiative creates awareness of the career center, showcases its benefits, and improves engagement and use of your career center.

Using job widgets and landing pages to market your career center is a more subtle, yet effective, way to drive traffic to your career center. Continue reading to learn more about implementing job widgets and landing pages into your career center marketing strategy.

Job Widgets

Job widgets are customizable snippets of code that displays available job openings on your associations homepage that is taken from your career center. This works through integrating your career center with your website so information can seamlessly be sent between the two to regularly update current job openings displayed. Job widgets are the easiest to implement since your career center partner should be able to provide the technical assistance needed to set the widgets up so the work on the association side is minimal.

Even if your career center is easy to find on your main menu or homepage, a job widget is more effective in driving traffic to your career center for a few reasons. As stated before, taking up real estate on your website is critical to building awareness of your career center and what better way to do so then by showing website visitors a taste of what your career center has to offer. What’s so great about job widgets is that they seamlessly blend into your homepage so your branding remains intact, but it also creates an engaging and eye-catching experience for visitors.

Job widgets are an easy way to direct traffic to your career center that otherwise may not have funneled through. Visitors can clearly see job openings available and generates a direct interest in your career center and ultimately improves awareness and traffic to your career center. Not to mention, job widgets are a free form of advertising that sends traffic from your homepage (the heaviest trafficked page) directly to your career center.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to preface the benefits and importance of your career center before a web page visitor actually visits the career center site. Just like the job widgets, a landing page is integrated into your website so it blends in with your website design and your branding stays on point. You can also include job widgets on the career center landing page to show the types of jobs that are available to improve interest and engagement even more.

Think of the landing page as the introduction to your career center. You want to make it engaging to read, clearly describe the benefits associated with using the career center, and have a call-to-action that directs them to the career center site - just like any other piece of marketing collateral you’d share in an email or on social media. Since the visitor is already on your site, it makes it a lot easier for them to hop over to your career center without having to change platforms from social media or email.

You can personalize the landing page by adding in direct links for employers and job seekers to easily access their account or take them to specific pages on the career center. For example, you can add in a direct link to the pricing page so advertisers can easily access pricing without having to click around on the career center site. As a tip, include customer support contact information so if advertisers have any questions about pricing or job package options, they can easily contact someone hassle free. This creates an effortless experience for advertisers that can easily turn them into a new employer and retain them for years to come.

Taking the time to use your website for marketing your career center will prove to drive traffic to your career center and ultimately improve engagement on the platform. Utilizing integrations makes it easy for associations to implement these marketing strategies since your career center vendor should be able to manage the technical aspects of it so there is little work that needs to be done on the association side.

To learn more about how to use job widgets, landing pages, social media, email and other ways to market your career center, be sure to watch our webinar replay.