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3 Hacks to Instantly Boost Your Association’s Membership Rates

Membership growth is something associations strive for. With our top 3 tips, you'll be headed towards growth in no time.

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Looking for a great way to increase your association’s membership and generate more overall success? While there’s no magic solution, there are a few hacks you can try to help things move in the right direction for your organization. No matter the size or goals of your association, it’s no secret that constant growth is something everyone is after. You want to have the best engagement rates, peak member retention, an influx of new members, etc. The list is endless, and there’s no reason why your association shouldn’t strive to be its best.

Association growth isn’t just something that executives and professionals dream about. With the right strategies in place and the proper research, you can grow your organization to great new heights with just a few tips, tricks, and hacks- and we’re going to show you some today. Sit back, relax, and read up on  association growth hacks to instantly boost your membership rates

1. Encourage your members to talk

Want an easy way to get the word out about your association? Encourage your members to spread the word with friends, family, and everyone they meet. According to Marketing General Incorporated (MGI)’s 2016 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, one of the top methods for attracting and acquiring new members is word of mouth marketing. That’s right, the power of your members words can do much more than you may expect- including grow your membership.

Getting your members to share their positive thoughts and experiences with others can help you bring in more members to your association. If you can get them to share the stories that make their time with your association so amazing, you’ll be sure to pique the interest of anyone listening. In order to do this, you can ask your members to share testimonials with you for future marketing purposes. Ask members to send in a story or experience that made them realize they made the right choice becoming a member. Then, use those testimonials as marketing materials. You can include them in informational packets to send to potential members. Or, you can even display them loud and proud on your association’s website for visitors to see and read. Never underestimate the power of what a great review can do for your membership rates.

2. Trade email addresses for fun offers

If your association struggles to find a way to reach out to potential interested individuals, you may want to start bribing your way to a larger email list. When it comes to acquiring new members, your association needs to make sure it’s aggressive in its approach. If you can’t find a way to directly market to your interested audience, you may find it hard to attract a new set of members. But with a way to incentivize to your audience, you’ll be sure to have something they’ll be willing to trade up some contact information for.

Consider creating downloadable content offers and checklists for your website visitors in exchange for a phone number, email address, or mailing address. Your association has a lot of information under its belt that audiences would be interested to learn. You can create content based on your current member data, such as their preferences, struggles, work experience, etc. Don’t let your valuable member data sit there when it can be used to increase your membership! If you can transform it into mini samples of content, you can turn your website traffic into prospects and hopefully new members.

3. Utilize your career space

Did you know that having a career center on your association’s website can actually boost your online traffic engagement? It’s the truth! Career resources are a highly valuable resource to implement for your association’s site. It’s a place that many will start as they check out more information about your association, so it’s almost as if your career center is the first impression you might make with many people. That being said, you always want to make sure the career center you offer is the best of the best (and we can help you with that!)

Consider utilizing your career center as a way to attract more interested individuals to your association and use that attraction to help seal the deal with new prospects. If you can show them the type of value that being a member with your organization can provide, you’ll be sure to give them some insightful food for thought when they think about joining your association in the future. Growing your association’s membership doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Use these 3 easy hacks to create an increase in membership in no time.