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3 New Tricks to Add Punch to Your Association’s Online Content

Giving your content that extra something can help pack a punch in terms of member engagement. Try using our tips and see how your association’s online content can improve in the process.

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Looking to add more style and flare to the content you’re creating for your association’s website? We’ve got you covered. Creating content that is valuable, interesting, insightful, and entertaining is a tall order! You want your members and website visitors to come onto your website and be able to learn and engage with the content you produce. There should always be a healthy balance between factual information and entertainment packed into every piece of content you produce.

But if you feel like your association has been slacking in terms of content production, you may be wondering what you can do to bring your online content back from the grave. Luckily, there are new content tips and tricks popping up constantly for your association to give a shot. Let’s talk about 3 content enhancing tricks that your association can use to put the punch back into your online content. By incorporating some new flare into your content pieces, members will be excited to engage with any new online content you produce.

1. Use live video to your advantage

Live video isn’t going anywhere in 2019, so you better use it to your advantage. According to Cisco, by 2021 video will control up to 80% of all internet traffic. That’s right, well over half of all people visiting the internet will be looking to spend their time watching video content. And if you aren’t delivering, you’re missing out on the chance to attract and engage brand new members.

Adding live video into your online content can help members put a face to the brand they support. If you’re an association with a wide national membership that’s spread out throughout the country, this could be your ticket to increasing member engagement through human interaction. In a recent infographic made by Livestream, 82% of adults surveyed prefer watching live video from brands as opposed to consuming social posts. In addition, 80% would rather watch live video than read a blog post. Audiences are looking for live video content, so it’s up to your association to provide, provide, provide!

2. Micro-influencing can increase brand awareness

Chances are, you’ve heard of bigger brands and companies reaching out to influential social media users to push their product to the people. But what you may not know is that micro-influencers can actually help your association build up its own membership.

So, How does micro-influencing work? Well, rather than shell out large dollar amounts paying influencers with huge followings that aren’t necessarily within your target audience, your association can work with smaller influencers within your industry to promote your content to those looking to join an organization like yours. It’s less money than you would most likely spend on influencers, and it gives you a much more refined audience to work with that should provide more accurate engagement. Reach out to members in your association or professionals with a wide social media presence and see if they’d be willing to work with your association for some sort of compensation that works for your budget. You can have them promote your downloadable content, your events, or anything else you’d like to see more engagement on.

3. Keep your marketing strategy locked down

Does your association have a secure content marketing strategy? It should. Having a documented content strategy can save you the stress of scrambling to find continuity in the way you generate content. It’s something that the most successful marketing teams do. In fact, marketers that have a documented content marketing strategy are five times more likely to succeed in whatever they’re working on.

Work with your association’s marketing team to come up with a strict marketing strategy that you can document, archive, and stick to anytime you create new content. Assess your current marketing success, audit your engagement, and come up with a plan for creating content that is both easy to follow and effective. One way to do this is to identify challenges and problems you have with audience engagement, and brainstorm how to solve these problems with good content. You can troubleshoot your engagement, develop content plans to combat these issues, and document a start to finish plan on how to execute this content. Or, you can create a step by step checklist on what each content piece should have within it. For example, regardless of the type of content you’re producing, the content you generate should do things like: Engage audience members, have a call for further action, and provide your members with facts that they can use to enhance their everyday lives.

Giving your content that extra something can help pack a punch in terms of member engagement. Try using our tips and see how your association’s online content can improve in the process.