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4 Memorable Marketing Videos (And How Your Association Can Copy Them)

Videos are a sure-fire way to get more individuals attracted and engaged with what your association has to offer!

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If you’re not on the video content train, you’re missing out on a world of opportunities. According to the 2021 MEMBERSHIP MARKETING BENCHMARKING REPORT 47% of organization are using video as part of their lead generation content marketing strategy. In addition, 73% of marketers planned on increasing video content in the future. Marketers know the power of successful video content. It’s true: If your members and target audience were moths, your association’s video content would be the flame. Videos are a sure-fire way (yes, still using puns here) to get more individuals attracted and engaged with what you have to offer. But sometimes, coming up with amazing video ideas can leave your association stumped. It’s challenging to create video campaigns that are both interesting and valuable while also meeting your audience’s needs. That’s why it’s important to look to other videos to spark some inspiration for your own content marketing strategy. Here at Web Scribble, we know the importance of a great video (we even have some of our own!)

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 unforgettable videos that make great examples for your association to follow. They’re eye catching, informational, and they’ll inspire your association to come up with great video ideas in the future.

1. Rainforest Alliance - “Follow The Frog”

Who doesn’t love a video with animals in it? You’ll be hard pressed to find a person who can say they don’t. But it’s not just the flashing images of rainforest creatures that make this video an unforgettable message. The Rainforest Alliance does an amazing job of giving viewers a visual message that will last with them a long, long time. There’s a serious takeaway in this video that your association can learn from: A strong call to action. By creating “follow the frog”, the Rainforest Alliance gives its viewers a catchy solution to their worries of conserving the rainforest. All they have to do is look for the frog logo on any products they purchase and/or consume. It’s easy to remember and leaves an impression that will make audiences think back to Rainforest Action again and again. But can your association create that same lasting impression? Of course it can. Meet with your team to discuss a catchy call to action for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want your audience to become a member of your association? Do you want them to attend your upcoming events? Or maybe you just want to make them more socially aware of your association’s mission. Whatever the case, you can create a call to action that turns heads and sticks in minds. Let “follow the frog” inspire you to market smarter!

2. American Pet Products Association - “Talking Cat Consultant”

Alright, we said people love animal videos, but animals that can talk?! Absolutely genius. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) created a campaign that earned them nearly 3 million YouTube views and 7,245 clicked links on Twitter. With that amount of engagement, it’s no wonder why they’re on our list of magic video marketing examples. Their mission was simple: Get animals out of shelters and increase adoptions nationwide. With that in mind, they created a campaign that helped do just that- by using the animals they so badly wanted adopted into good homes. APPA teamed up with celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Alison Sweeney, but they weren’t the stars of the show. No, it was the “animal interviews” that took their video marketing campaign to the next level. By creating a clever way to showcase adoptable animals, they added charm and made viewers fall in love with the furry faces from first sight. It was a marketing success. There’s a lot to be learned from this example, but the main takeaway is: Never be afraid to get creative. Brainstorm multiple imaginative ways to get your association’s message across.  Your campaigns don’t have to be stiff, black and white interviews or office tours. They can add personality, flare, and humor- giving your association a friendlier look and feel and inviting audiences in to stay. While “Talking Cat Consultant” is a feel-good watch, it’s also a bright marketing campaign that any association can take and adapt to their own marketing mission.

3. Charity: Water - “The 2011 September Campaign”

Charity: Water is no stranger to a fundraising campaign video. In fact, every September the charity releases a video in the hopes of getting fundraising for their mission: Ending the water crisis by bringing clean drinking water to developing countries in need. It’s a video that orients audiences and shows them the steps  it takes to donate and help make a difference. But why is this video so great? There are thousands of fundraising campaigns out there, so why should your association focus on this one? The reason we love this video campaign is simple: Because it’s simple. It gives audiences very explicit instructions, but delivers them in a way that makes their goal extremely feasible and easy for those watching to follow along. It’s a tangible target that everyone can pitch in and do their part on. If your association is looking for a little extra help in the fundraising department, consider creating a video campaign that will give your viewers the chance to pitch in. Who knows, it could help you reach your fundraising goal- or even surpass it.

4. National Alliance on Mental Illness - “Teach Me How to Brushy”

Another video that resulted in an absolute craze of video views is this one from the Oregon Dental Association. It’s a voluntary membership organization for Oregon dentists that attempts to educate and advocate for better oral health care. And educate and advocate it does with this video. The video plays on a trendy song “Teach Me How to Dougie”. Taking a song viewers are already familiar with, it uses a play on words and attempts to provide a catchy video that doubles as an informational video on proper tooth brushing techniques. Normally, a video like this would be ignored. Who wants to watch a video on how to brush their teeth the right way? But it’s the fun and trendy nature of this video that helped it reach over 800,000 YouTube views. Here’s the truth: Not every video marketing campaign your association creates is going to deal with an exciting topic. It’s up to your team to make the topic exciting, eye catching, and impactful enough for viewers to forget what they’re viewing is traditionally a serious topic. If you have a message to get across that may seem boring to your members or audience, come up with a fun way to deliver that message. You can make it into a song and dance, similar to what the Oregon Dental Association did, or come up with your own unique spin to get the ball rolling.

When it comes to video marketing campaigns, there’s a million and one ways to make them happen. But there are some ways that prove to be more effective than others. Take these memorable examples to heart when your association decides to start planning video campaigns of its own. It’ll bring life to your association’s mission and make your marketing plan a success!